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Valentines Day: Back To Basics

5 Inexpensive Valentines Day Experiences That Your Partner Really Wants

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Valentines Day: Back To Basics

Yes people that time is once again upon us. Love is in the air and the pressure to be the romantic demi god of love that we see ourselves as is well and truly on. Whether it be candy hearts, bouquets of flowers, candle lit dinners or extravagant gifts valentine’s day has truly become a pressure cooker of expectation driven by big business.

However, in this tough economic climate where we are all feeling the pinch is there any need for grand gestures and extravagant gifts to prove our love for someone? Or could we go back to basics and think about the important things that really matter to all of us in our relationships and discover what it is that we truly desire this valentine’s day.

Here are 5 inexpensive ways that you can make your valentines day gift an experience that you and your significant other will truly appreciate and remember for years to come without breaking the bank.

Time, Love & Affection

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The most precious gift that we can give each other in life is the gift of time. Once we have given time to someone or something we can never get it back, there is no receipt or money back guarantee. Therefore, spending quality time dedicated to celebrating everything that you love about your significant other will leave you both feeling loved, valued, appreciated and special. This is truly a gift that no amount of money can buy.

Make A Love Book

Take a basic note book and fill it with personalised love notes and comments or observations about all the things you love and appreciate about your partner. You can include things based on any aspect of your life together like how supportive a friend they are, how great a mother or father they are right through to how sexy they look in their underwear, nothing is off the cards. As long as it comes from the heart your significant others appreciation for the creativity and effort involved will be priceless.

Grab a couple of bottles of wine and prepare a simple but delicious meal that doesn’t involve you being away from your partner for too long to prepare. Then get the furniture pushed back against the walls, throw a big cover on the floor and fill the room with candles to create a romantic atmosphere. You can enhance your experience by making a playlist of your favourite songs, preparing your favourite meal or playing some naughty games by candle light.

Recreate A Special Moment

Think about a special time that defined your relationship. This could be a day trip you will never forget, the place you first met, your wedding day or even a special concert you both went to. Your mission is to try and recreate this experience in anyway you can. It’s a big ask but the reward for pulling it off will be worth it.

At Home Spa

This can be done in a very simple but effective way. Prepare your bathroom with scented candles and warm fluffy towels. If you can make sure you both have bath robes and slippers to make the experience more authentic. Turn your phones off and get rid of the kids for the night to allow maximum relaxation and time to really enjoy your well earned break.

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