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11 Signs You’re Definitely Obsessed With Crushed Red Pepper

More spice = more flava. Try McCormick red pepper flakes for pure flavor with nothing added.

1. You keep backup shakers in your house as a safety net.

2. You crave that subtle crunch at all hours of the day.

3. You may have dabbled in making some delicious DIY red pepper flake oils.

4. You refuse to eat pizza without it.

5. You firmly believe that all food is colorless and void of meaning without a thick coating.

6. You love how that kick of spice makes you feel like a boss, 'cause you can totally handle the heat.

7. You know that no matter how good pasta looks, it is never complete without those beautiful flakes.

8. Your friends are scared to try any recipes you say are "only a little spicy," 'cause they know "a little" to you really means "TOO HOT TO HANDLE."

9. You think scrambled eggs are a total bore without them.

10. You've given up hope on getting the red pepper flakes out of your teeth each day.

11. But you wouldn't trade the satisfaction of a spicy meal for anything in the world.

Try McCormick's delicious red pepper flakes for a kick of heat.