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If You Haven't Listened To The J-Pop Group Perfume, You Probably Should

Don't worry. This is less weird than what Japan normally offers.

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Like you read in the title, this is about a band called Perfume. You may be wondering who or what exactly is Perfume. Well, let's just give a quick summary, pictures and videos, shall we?

In the year 2000, three young girls formed a group in their hometown, Hiroshima. The three said girls are Ayaka Nishiwaki (A~chan), Kashino Yuka (Kashiyuka), and Kawashima Yuuka (Kawayuka). Sadly, before the group could even debut, Kawayuka left and Ōmoto Ayano (Nocchi) took her place. I have a feeling that Kawayuka regrets this decision.

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Eventually, they debuted in 2005 with the song, 'Linear Motor Girl'. What does that even mean? A linear girl working with motors?

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Then, on July 1 of 2007, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) aired a commercial including Perfume and their new song called 'Polyrhythm'.

If you're wondering, yes, they're still singing and whatnot. If you really are interested to hear more from this band, go to their official YouTube channel here.

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