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The New Arch-Villains Of Disney's Princesses

The Disney Princesses tend to live happily ever after. However, they all have too much skill and ability to lead a normal life after defeating their arch-villain. New challenges must be found for our heroines!

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Cinderella vs. Paste-Pot Pete


Cinderella had to leave the ball by midnight. Paste-Pot Pete's likes to keep things in their place. How will Cinderella defeat the machinations of the evil glue master?

Snow White vs. Kraven the Hunter


Snow White was originally helped by the Huntsman after being banished to the forest for being the most beautiful in the land. Kraven the Hunter turns the tables on that old story and adds a bit of intrigue.

Rapunzel vs. The Taskmaster


Rapunzel had to use all her smarts to escape the tower in which she was incarcerated. How well would she do against a villain who runs the infamous Crime College?

Jasmine vs. Ra's Al Ghul


Jasmine is the brains of the Aladdin/Jasmine duo. She also has a super powerful genie at her side. What happens when she faces one of Batman's deadliest villains?

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