The Definitive Ranking Of Avengers’ Chairpersons

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been led by some of the best but not some of the brightest.

10. Dr. Druid

Leadership effectiveness: 0

Crisis management: 0

Conflict resolution: 0

Oh Dr. Druid. May you long stay dead. Having spent most of his early Avengers’ career undermining the leadership of Captain Marvel, Druid took the reigns through mentally manipulating his fellow teammates. Needless to say, his run at the top ended in disaster and eventually his death.

9. The Vision

Leadership effectiveness: 9

Crisis management: 4

Conflict management: 0

Androids are incredibly effective at making pragmatic decisions, but not so much with the empathy. It didn’t help that Vision’s time in the big chair coincided with the fact that he was being controlled by Ultron. Good leaders let their emotions show from time to time and this android never shed any tears.

8. Black Widow

Leadership effectiveness: 6

Crisis management: 4

Conflict resolution: 2

Black Widow gets downgraded due to the fact that she was part of a group of Avengers who made the conscious choice to kill a foe, in the case the Kree Supreme Intelligence. This led to the subsequent resignation of Captain America from the Avengers and the Black Widow leading what amounted to a team of C-Listers.

7. Iron Man

Leadership effectiveness: 8

Crisis management: 4

Conflict resolution: 1

Hypocrisy, thy name is Iron Man. Forced to step down from original leadership roles due to being under investigation for MURDER, Iron Man has always had the unique ability to chafe the tights of other Avengers. Also, he was a drunk. Also, he basically forced a Civil War between the Avengers which resulted in the subsequent death of Captain America. Other than that, great leader.

6. Luke Cage

Leadership effectiveness: 7

Crisis management: 6

Conflict resolution: 6

Luke Cage held the non-sellout Avengers together following the events of Civil War, but did he actually ever do anything? Despite bringing heavyweights like Wolverine and Spider-Man into the fold, it seems that Cage’s Avengers spent most of their time sitting around drinking coffee and shooting the bull about who had babysitting duty,

5. Ms. Marvel

Leadership effectiveness: 7

Crisis management: 7

Conflict resolution: 6

Ms. Marvel has the dubious distinction of being the Chairwoman of the sellout Avengers following Civil War, but showed enough leadership savvy to successfully navigate dealing with Iron Man and defeating A-List foes like Dr. Doom. She has been kicking around the Avengers for over 20 years so it was high time that someone notice that she had more leadership ability than a schmoe like Dr. Druid.

4. Hawkeye

Leadership effectiveness: 8

Crisis management: 8

Conflict resolution: 7

When the Avengers decided to expand, it was Hawkeye who was tapped to lead the new west coast branch of the team. After years of playing second fiddle to Captain America and Thor and being reminded of his criminal past, Hawkeye finally got a chance to lead his own team even if he was saddled with the dead weight of cranky Iron Man, Hank Pym and the insane Moon Knight. He then went on to lead the Thunderbolts, a team of villains trying to turn to the side of angels. Not bad for a guy whose only innate superpower is shooting a bow.

3. Captain Marvel

Leadership effectiveness: 8

Crisis management: 8

Conflict resolution: 8

Captain Marvel took over Avengers’ leadership following the Wasp resigning due to exhaustion. Nominated by Captain America, Captain Marvel then safely took the team through one of its most dangerous adventures in which they went up against the Gods of Olympus. Unfortunately, her time at the top was cut short by….Dr. Druid.

2. Captain America

Leadership effectiveness: 10

Crisis management: 10

Conflict resolution: 9

To list Captain America’s accomplishments as Chairman of the Avengers is an article in and of itself. He has seen the team through intergalactic war, trips to the underworld and battles beyond space and time. The only downgrade to a perfect rating is his inflexibility in his principles which often came at the cost of friendship (Iron Man) or the loss of effective teammates.

1. The Wasp

Leadership effectiveness: 10

Crisis management:10

Conflict resolution: 10

The Wasp has seen and done it all as leader of the Avengers and keeping the peace amongst a team of costumed lunatics is no easy task. She had to deal with a drunk Hercules, and abusive husband (Hank Pym) and the thankless job of having to lead Captain America. While other Avengers’ leaders have always tried to do things “their way,” the Wasp was always looking to compromise and keep everything at an even keel.

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