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    The 13 Worst Things About Collecting Comics

    Collecting comics is one of life's few great pleasures. However, most everything involved in the collection process is a total pain.

    1. Despite the long history of comics, no one has yet to invent a better storage method than longboxes


    Longboxes are susceptible to mold, damp, light or any sort of gentle physical contact.

    2. If you are unlucky, your comic book shop looks like a dungeon


    I love spending 40 minutes of my life every week in a place that smells like gym socks.

    3. And the owner of that dungeon is a rude, supercilious jerk


    Whoa there kid. You like superheroes?

    4. It is often difficult to explain your collection to your friends


    OK, sometimes its about the art and sometimes its about the story.

    5. Or your family


    No, really. She is well written!

    6. You forget to cancel a title long after it has jumped the shark


    Please, please let this end.

    7. The companies are always trying to gouge you with fancy new covers or holograms


    Shiny foil? GIMME!

    8. Or killing off beloved heroes as a sales driving device rather than using it to further a story


    Because the point of these deaths were....

    9. Or pushing characters down your throat that no one cares about


    You WILL like Mockingbird.

    10. And if you stop collecting for even a second, you will be completely lost as your favorite character is no longer recognizable


    Wait, Spider-Man is WHO now?

    11. But despite the constant embarrassment...


    He will tombstone you into comics hell.

    12. There are still some books produced each year...

    13. Which let you proudly stand up and state that you are a huge comic book fan

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