The 25 Most Inspiring Skeletor Quotes For Every Occasion

    No, he never managed to capture Castle Grayskull. But he did manage to capture our hearts. Here are some truly inspiring Skeletor quotes for every occasion.

    1. For when your date shows up half an hour late for dinner:

    2. For when your main course finally arrives at the restaurant:

    3. For when someone disagrees with you in a meeting:

    4. For when someone suggests that you play Settlers of Catan:

    5. For when a colleague says, "Nice work!"

    6. For when someone asks you for help:

    7. Any time someone tries to give you a compliment:

    8. For when someone at work asks you if you're finished with a project yet:

    9. For when someone offers you a slice of pie:

    10. For when your boss commends another colleague on a job well done:

    11. For when a colleague is giving a presentation:

    12. For when someone spills their drink on you:

    13. For when you are in a library?

    14. For when your dinner guests excuse themselves to go home:

    15. For when someone is surprised by your actions:

    16. For when someone asks you to borrow a dollar:

    17. For when someone is impressed by something you've done:

    18. For when a friend needs comforting:

    19. For when someone asks you what you said:

    20. For when someone at work schedules a meeting for first thing in the morning:

    21. For when someone says something mildly intelligent:

    22. Any time someone asks you why you're doing something:

    23. For when you run into a colleague outside of work:

    24. For when someone says something nice to you:

    25. Every morning, when you get into the office: