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    9 Childhood Boardgames That Can Easily Devolve Into Debauchery

    Have you ever revisited a favorite childhood game and attempted to turn it into a night of unbridled hedonism? Chances are things didn't turn out quite the way you expected.

    1. Sorry!


    New rules: Every time you say "Sorry" everyone else has to drink. The player who was knocked back home has to finish his beverage.

    Beverage of choice: The cheapest beer you can find at your local supermarket.

    Unintended consequence: Possible fisticuffs and a shiner in the morning.

    2. Trivial Pursuit (1970s Genus Edition)


    New rules: The failure to answer a questions for a pie results in that person finishing the drink. Every time a question is asked about a Russian cosmonaut, everyone drinks. Anyone who successfully answers a question about President Ford gets to pick their punishment target.

    Beverage of choice:
    Old fashioned.

    Unintended consequences:
    A lowering of your intellectual self-esteem. An encyclopedic knowledge of the career of Yuri Gagarin.

    3. Battleship


    New rules: If a ship is sunk, that player must drink. If their battleship is sunk, they must finish their drink. If they cheat, that player must run around the outside of the house naked.

    Beverage of choice: A growler of something. Preferably 11% or higher.

    Unintended consequences: Singing sea chanties, watching Das Boot at 2AM, finding your sea legs.

    4. Bed Bugs


    New rules: Game must take place in the house of person with grossest apartment. Person with least bed bugs at end of match must chug their drink and roll around on the occupant's bed.

    Beverage of choice:

    Unintended consequences: Bed bugs, duh.

    5. Stratego


    New rules: If you hit a bomb, you must take a a strong pull from you flask and exclaim "good show." If the Spy kills the Marshal, the Marshal's owner must prance around the room. The person whose flag is captured must serve as a valet for the winner for one week.

    Beverage of choice: Port and Cognac

    Unintended consequences: Falling asleep in you leather armchair and lighting it on fire with your victory cigar.

    6. Memory


    New rules: You have three challenges to make the other player drink if they match two completely ridiculously opposite things. Thus, if the player matches a baby ostrich with an adult rhino - they can be forced to finish their drink.

    Beverage of choice: 120% proof anything.

    Unintended consequences: Permanent damage to your memory.

    7. Hungry Hungry Hippos


    New Rules: The player with the most marbles at the end of the game decides to get who drinks and how much. The player operating the Green Hippo has to drink double that of his compatriots.

    Beverage of choice: Red bull and vodka

    Unintended consequences:
    Small plastic hippo parts flying through the air.

    8. Life


    New rules: Anything something momentous happens in the game (job, marriage, baby) that player has to drink. Any player who makes it through the game without any attachments gets to choose the punishment for other players.

    Beverage of choice: Box o' wine.

    Unintended consequence: A slow crushing sensation that you will never achieve your goals and the best years of your life are behind you.

    9. Candyland


    New rules: Anything goes. Get send to Fudge Mountain? Drink. End up in the Taffy Tar Pits? Well you are drinking again? Get double blue squares? Everyone drinks.

    Beverage of choice: Whatever is on hand.

    Unintended consequences: A prolonged trip to the hospital and a likely stint in AA.

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