9 Reasons You Never Stopped Playing 8-Bit Video Games

Because honestly, the golden age is still the best age.

9. You prefer the aesthetic of a two button design……

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The one true controller Via giphy.com

To today’s frightening monoliths.

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So many buttons…..

8. You are a person that prefers the quest for points….

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The King of Kong!

To storylines that take a manual to figure out….

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He isn’t even under a box!

7. You prefer to have your game to have a high degree of difficulty with a conclusive ending…

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I mean the endings were so great

Rather than having your hand held and your life slowly drain away….

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This Man Speaks the Truth

Too much World of Warcraft

6. The music was so much better in 8-bit….

Ah, the classics

And not designed to make you go crazy….

Please let it leave my brain

5. You Prefer to Play Cooperatively With Your Friends

Just don’t steal my spread gun

And Work Together Towards an End Goal

Rather Than Shoot Them In the Head

And Watch them Breakdown

4. You Can Give Into Your Obsessive Compulsiveness

The bells, must have the bells.

But still find time to live a life outside your bedroom

3. The villains were so much better

The Egglant Wizard!

They had a sense of style…

Pants down!

Or of menace…..


Today the Gaming World is Filled with Aliens who all look alike

Can you really tell the difference?

More dark and creepy armor

2. But most important were the Heroes

You could root for these guys

Be stunned at their secret reveal

And accept the fact that had day jobs

Now everyone looks like they are on a high HGH diet

Or forgot key articles of clothing

1. You don’t want watch a 43 minute cutscene after 100+ hours of play

You prefer to keep it simple…and beautiful

Not in another castle…

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