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    9 Famous Superheroes Who Should Have Never Made A Costume Change

    Comic book readers are a cowardly and superstitious sort. However, nothing drives them crazier than when a beloved character changes his or her threads. Below are 9 characters who hopped back into the traditional after an ill-fated sartorial decision.

    9. Captain America As Nomad

    Steve Rogers as Nomad / Via

    The idea behind this was great. Steve Rogers was stripped of his identity as Captain America by corrupt elements in the US Government. However, ol' Steve must have been tired of the constricting red, white and blue because his choice of a new uni sent howls through Marvel fandom.

    8. Death Wolverine

    Apocalypse Wolverine / Via

    The 1990s witnessed some terrible changes to some beloved characters, but none was more afflicted than Wolverine. There was "bone claw" Wolverine, "Super savage I never wear a shirt" Wolverine and probably the worst of the bunch Wolverine, "Horseman of the Apocalypse. Just check out that cool sigil!

    7. The Scarlet Spider

    Poor Peter never deserved this terrible half hoody / Via

    Clones are bad news. The Clone saga almost destroyed the entire Spider-Man franchise. Because it turned out that Peter Parker was a clone and that the original Spider-Man was....oh I can't even go into it. Let's just say that the Clone Saga and the Scarlet Spider outfit were not terribly popular.

    6. Jason Todd (Robin) as the Red Hood

    Sweet leather jacket / Via

    DC Comics PROMISED readers that the Jason Todd, the Robin who died at the hands of the Joker, would never EVER be brought back to life. Of course this is comics, and Todd was was resurrected in an outfit that you or I would put on if we had a Halloween Party to attend and forgot to buy a costume.

    5. The Thing in a Helmet

    I'm a huge lump of orange rock. I can't change back into a human. However, people notice and like me because I look kinda awesome. The solution to this is to obviously put on a stupid helmet.

    4. Silver Iron Man Variant

    Shoulder Pad Iron Man / Via

    Back when the Avengers split into two groups (one for the West Coast and one for the East) it was decided that the West Coast group needed a "founding member" to give them some legitimacy. So poor Iron Man was shipped out in non-traditional red and silver armor with shoulder pads that would make the 1980s proud.

    3. Harpoon Hand Aquaman

    But at least the hook has a cool metallic rope / Via

    Poor poor Aquaman. Butt of all superhero jokes. Most ignominious of all was his 1990s stint as a harpoon handed hippie kind. He couldn't even communicate with fish. Give the man back his orange!

    2. Azrael as Batman

    Even sweeter shoulder pads / Via

    After Bane broke Bruce Wayne's back, Bruce decided to take a little retirement. Into his place stepped Azrael who was key to putting Bane down for good. However, instead of the classic Batman outfit, Azrael took the uniform, added some claws, some gold and a really weird collar. Fans, needless to say, were not pleased and Bruce Wayne soon returned to reclaim his mantle.

    1. Superman Red/Superman Blue

    Electical Supermen / Via

    Perhaps the most ill-considered and least though out costume change of all time was when they split Superman into two color variants, each of which represented a different aspect of Superman's personality. The "blue" Superman hogged most of the attention and not for the right reasons. No more leaping buildings in a single bound, no more heat vision, Superman was now electrical. The uproar over the change quickly forced DC to meld the two Superman's back together with only the weakest explanation.