49 Things That Comics Imply About Christmas

The holidays always brings out the best in comic book cover artists. They also brings out the weirdness.

1. Comics strongly imply that Santa is never able to do his job without help

2. Because his sleigh always seems to break down

3. Or he forgets his reindeer

4. So he mostly relies on the labor of others

5. Though Batman really isn’t pulling his weight

6. These three didn’t even use the chimney…

7. Honestly, Superman just wants Claus’ job

8. and is kinda a jerk about it

9. Santa gets upstaged a lot

10. In strange and unique ways..

11. He appears to dislike his job

12. As he has to deal with greed

14. Thievery…

15. Misogyny….

16. Casual racism

18. Santa’s helpers fare no better

19. No one trusts Saint Nick to do his job so they pose as him…

20. With varying degrees of success

21. You’re not fooling anyone Optimus

22. C’mon Man-Thing…

23. No one can get into the spirit of the holidays

25. Mostly in Christmas ornaments

26. I guess because they are shiny?

28. and they end up having a horrible holiday season

29. Heroes make the holidays a total downer

30. Because someone is either screwing up

31. Having anger issues

32. Or plotting world domination

33. Or having financial problems

34. Or just attempting to destroy the world

35. And some heroes take the religious aspect a bit too seriously

36. I mean Superman is an alien, I didn’t expect him to be preachy

37. So its no surprise when Santa blows his stack

38. and attempts vehicular homicide

39. or assaults Iron Man with a death ray…

40. turns himself into a zombie…

41. or creates clones of himself…

42. Santa will use whatever means necessary

43. However, sometimes things don’t always come up Santa

44. and the results are tragic

45. But the holidays are also a time for romance

46. festivity…

47. friendship…

48. and peace

49. and every so often the heroes do something truly noble to keep Santa from going over the edge

An earlier version of this post featured a cover designed by Comics Alliance, thanks to @MikeyPanda for the catch.

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