13 Times You Have Been Exactly Like Tom Mison

Life is full of petty frustrations and small wonders. Tom Mison (ne Ichabod Crane) states exactly what you are thinking, just better.

1. When you get overcharged for a meal

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2. When a friend continually gets into bad relationships and asks for your advice

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3. When you try to play the peace maker at family gatherings

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4. When dealing with a unpleasant co-worker

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5. When you are hypoglycemic but your friend buys you the wrong snack

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6. When dealing with difficult clam shell packaging

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7. When losing your train of thought

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8. When you get angry that your preferred political candidate loses an election

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9. When critiquing your favorite sports star

10. When you have had to be an unwilling wingman

11. On receiving a present that won’t fit

12. On the ubiquity of certain coffee chains

13. On dealing with the crushing reality that is existence

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