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    11 Times You Are Exactly Like James Bond

    Even a super spy has to put his pants on one leg at a time.

    1. James has to take a shower every morning and contemplate the cruel, dark entity that is reality. So do you!

    2. If you have a serious job, you have to wear a suit to work. James' job is VERY SERIOUS, hence the need to be dapperly attired.

    3. Without a watch, James could not make it to his appointments on time. I bet you own a watch. OMG you are just like James!

    4. James has to commute to work like any other average joe. Like you, I bet he turns the station right to NPR.

    5. Co-workers are tricky in the morning, especially when they haven't had their coffee. Both you and James are suave enough to deal with this difficult social dynamic.

    6. Bosses right? Man, they can be total jerkwads. Both you and James work for some of the worst battleaxes in the world.

    7. James' day is filled with the same mind numbing tasks. Like you, he has to do them well or receive a bad performance review.


    8. In the midst of that drudgery, both you and James dream about your next vacation. Or maybe play Cookie Clicker.

    9. It's 5PM! Are you racing for the exit yet? I bet James beat you there.


    10. Finally, time to kick back and relax. Isn't it amazing how you and James share the same interests?


    11. God, that day was especially grueling. You and James are going to finish it off the right way, with a stiff drink.