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10 Most Random Avengers Of All Time

They are Earth's mightiest heroes. So why do they give anyone with a pulse a membership card?

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1. Mantis


The 1970s were a time of massive drug consumption and general weirdness at the hands of comic book creators. Hence, Mantis who started out as a truly interesting character only for things to get strange in a hurry. Strange, as in it turned out that Mantis was the "Celestial Madonna" and eventually leaves Earth and the Avengers to "mate" with an alien who had taken the form of her dead love the Swordsman.

No, it doesn't make sense.

Mantis has since been rebooted in Guardians of the Galaxy and no longer comes off as a complete loon.

2. Stingray


So we have a cool character with a great name and a badass costume. Now, what we are going to do with that character is make him a "reserve" Avenger and have him serve as caretaker of Avengers Island, most likely as a custodian. Is Stingray just an overt dig at Aquaman?


3. The Forgotten One (aka Gilgamesh)


A Jack Kirby creation, The Forgotten One started as a member of the Eternals only to later join the Avengers under the name "Gilgamesh." With the team already having two fleshed out "god" characters in Thor and Hercules, Gilgamesh's boring demeanor and even lamer costume had trouble standing out.

The "Forgotten One" indeed.

4. Jack of Hearts


Jack of Hearts had been kicking around the Marvel Universe in his ridiculous costume since 1976 when he finally got the call up to the Big Leagues to the Avengers in 2001. His reward for services rendered included losing control of his powers and eventually committing suicide.

Maybe he should have just remained a bit player.


5. Triathalon (aka 3-D Man)


This is tough. Triathlon was one of the key protagonists during writer Kurt Busiek's run on Avengers, which is still considered one of the best Avengers runs of all time. The fact that he could take a character with the codename 3-D Man seriously is a testament to his work.

Of course, you are never going to name 3-D Man alongside Iron Man and Captain America as one of your favorite Avengers.

6. Moondragon


Her backstory is confusing. She has died umpteen times. She seems to be on another superhero team every half-minute and she once enslaved Thor to be her lover. You need a dual degree in mathematics and geometry to make any sense of the character.

Other than that, solid.

7. Starfox


Ah, Starfox the "space lover." In addition to all the usual super powers (strength, flight, invunerability) Starfox could stimulate the pleasure center of your brain to either make you persuadable or seduce you.

This later got him into trouble as he was charged with sexually assaulting a happily married woman. He was defended in court by She-Hulk, who later found out that Starfox had used his powers on her to coerce her into marrying another person.

Starfox the space perv.

8. Living Lightning


Living Lightning had a good run in West Coast Avengers but was written with all the racial subtlety of a Speedy Gonzalez cartoon. Reduced to shouting "DIOS MIO" and flying into things, Living Lightning never really got any time to shine.

10. Dr. Druid

Poor Dr. Druid. The butt of all Avengers jokes. No one could take this balding warlock seriously next to Captain America and Thor. He was incredibly boring, had lame powers and to this day current Avengers still joke about him even though the poor guy is dead.

RIP Dr. Druid.