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14 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Canada Will Remember

Lots of things remind us of our Canadian childhoods: Nanaimo bars, ice rinks, devil sticks. And while you can't go back to childhood, you can taste a slice of your childhood with McCain Deep 'n Delicious cakes!

1. The Mr. Dressup opening: / Via

Because no matter how old you are, you — and maybe your even your parents — grew up with Mr. Dressup!

2. Field trips to tap maple trees:

Mint Images - Tim Pannell / Getty Images

Because the maple candy you got was everyone's favourite part!

3. Timbits hockey:

Because your extracurriculars were hockey, hockey, and — oh! — more hockey.

4. Snow days:

Because you were literally snowed in.

5. Canoe trips:

Comstock Images / Getty Images

Because there is no better way to experience Canada's wilderness than in a canoe.

6. All-dressed chips:

GettyImages Juanmonino

Because you know these were the best, next to ketchup chips of course!

7. Heritage Minutes:

Because there was no better way to learn about Canadian history.

8. Cottage weekends:

Keith Levit / Getty Images

Because you looked forward to spending every summer weekend on the dock.

9. The invention of the Toonie:

Sh4rp_i / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 85638163@N00

Because you'll never forget when suddenly Toonie Tuesday deals were a thing.

10. Ananas...the francophone pineapple:

TVOntario / Via

Because no one could help you learn French better than a talking pineapple.

11. Summer camp:

Tamara Smith / Getty Images

Because literally everyone you knew went to summer camp.

12. Polkaroo:

TVOntario / / Via

Because you loved looking through the Polka Dot Door.

13. Playing soccer baseball during recess:

Sean_Warren / Getty Images

Because it was everyone's favourite recess activity and involved neither a soccer ball nor baseball.

14. Red lines under correctly spelled words.

Dana Vogel / BuzzFeed

Because you never really got over your word processing program marking correct words as incorrect because they were the Canadian spelling.

And of course you'll never forget eating McCain Deep 'n Delicious cakes!