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11 Things You'll Get If You're A Busy Person Who Loves Food

The hanger is real.

1. You're desperate to check out all the latest food trends.

2. But you can't justify wasting hours queuing up for them.

3. Nothing upsets you more than when you miss a meal because you don't have time to eat.

4. You feel guilty looking at your big stack of cookbooks collecting dust.

5. Because though you do want to cook, as soon as you discover a recipe's long ingredient list, you know you'll never end up making it.

6. Sometimes the thought alone of doing the dishes is enough to put you off.

7. Any cooking that requires close supervision is off the table.

8. You're haunted by all the food you buy but never get around to using.

9. And your recipe "shortcuts" don't always go to plan.

10. You're a sucker for gimmicky time-saving gadgets (though all they're really good for is taking up space in your drawers).

11. And on the odd occasions you do manage to cook dinner midweek, you find yourself too exhausted to enjoy it.

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