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11 Times In Life You’re Just Gonna Need A Minute

May we be excused?

1. When you open up social media and it’s three separate friends announcing their engagements.

2. When you've invited someone new over and realize you can't have them seeing how you really live.

3. When your boss asks you to give a presentation to a group of more than four people.

4. When the planner in your friend group goes a little overboard.

5. When you haven't eaten all day and then totally screw up cooking a meal.

6. When you check your bank account on payday and it sends you into an existential crisis over capitalism.

7. When you happen to catch a glimpse of your reflection after running around for hours and realize you look like a whole mess.

8. When your whole computer crashes because you have more than 25 tabs open in your browser.

9. When you're paired with a lazy partner on a project and you have to carry them through the ENTIRE assignment.

10. When someone asks you to do something but then micromanages the entire thing.

11. When your friend assures you they'll be at the party on time but they're an hour late and you don't know anyone else there.

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