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14 Times You Wanted To Be BFFs With Abbi And Ilana From "Broad City"

Yaaass queens!

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1. When they pretty accurately described what it's like to celebrate birthdays in your twenties.

2. When they completely understood the pain of getting through the work week.

3. And understood the truly important priorities in life.

4. When they knew how to properly take advantage of being an adult.

5. When they knew how it felt to feel inferior but also look gorgeous at the same time.

6. When they did spontaneous drum-bucket playing and it looked fun as hell.

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7. When Abbi was enthusiastic AF about life in general.

8. When Ilana encouraged us to be comfortable with our bodies.

9. When they portrayed exactly what it is like to deal with roommates constantly bugging you.

10. When they had the best reaction to this annoying comment.

11. When they showed us how to properly celebrate.

12. When Ilana stood up for feminism and we were all, "PREACH."

13. When they asked the truly, truly important questions.

14. And when Ilana proved she was weirdly committed to being BFFL, and set the standards for #FriendshipGoals.


Comedy Central

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