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Feb 2016
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    McAmberlee commented on We Want To Know The Worst Gift A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Has Ever Given You

    He showed up the day before my birthday with a dollar store bag, and went into my bathroom for 2 minutes... Came out with a gift bag. I opened it: -A set of three small tea candles (I already had) -A candy bar I didn't like ("I'll eat it for you") -A weed pipe (I rarely smoked,… 


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    McAmberlee commented on What's Your Unpopular Dessert Opinion?

    Chocolate cake is super overrated. It makes the cake less flavourful than with vanilla or other flavours, and the chocolate taste itself is so diluted. I'm not talking about brownies (those rock), just chocolate cake and cupcakes (and chocolate icing) seem like the worst of the flavour,… 


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    McAmberlee commented on Share The Most Devastating Burn You've Ever Had The Pleasure To Hear

    I work with this Australian guy, who was helping a band set up on the little stage at the bar where I serve. He's racing around trying to set up the sound system, and I guess the band was making his life really difficult.. this guy walks by me after a particularly irritating moment,… 


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    McAmberlee commented on What Mindfuck Film Completely Messed With Your Head?

    Primer. It's a really low-budget and indie sort of movie, but one of the best. Two guys accidentally invent time travel, and exploit it as any of us might. But multiple versions of themselves get tangled in crossed timelines, and even the actors had a hard time keeping track of who… 


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    McAmberlee commented on Tell Us Which YA Book Totally Nailed Struggling With Mental Health

    Shoulder The Sky by Leslie Choyce spoke to me. I have written rants like her character Martin wrote, and I've felt that vast emptiness. It spoke to me in a way very few books have.


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