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U.S. Evacuates Pakistan Consulate Over New Terror Threat

UPDATED: The U.S. has pulled most of its diplomats from the consulate in Lahore over a specific terror threat. The State Department also warned U.S. citizens not to travel to Pakistan.

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The State Department issued an "ordered departure" for diplomats in Lahore, Pakistan, on Thursday, excluding a few emergency personnel. The diplomats were moved to Islamabad, the nation's capital, U.S. officials told CNN.

The State Department also warned United States citizens against travel to Pakistan. Last week, the government issued a monthlong travel alert for North Africa and the Middle East.

"We have picked up what we regard as a threat worthy of taking this action," one senior U.S. official reportedly told the network.

The United States shut nearly two dozen missions across the Middle East after a worldwide alert on Aug. 2, warning Americans that al-Qaeda may be planning attacks in August, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. No U.S. posts in Pakistan were closed as a result of the earlier warning.

It is not known whether the new threat in Pakistan is related to the ongoing one from al-Qaeda that led to the closure of the other embassies and consulates.

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