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Two Lions And Their Cubs Were Slaughtered At The Same Zoo That Killed A Giraffe Last Month

The Copenhagen Zoo killed four lions to make room for a male lion.

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The adult lions were a 16-year-old male and 14-year-old female.

"Because of the pride of lions' natural structure and behaviour, the zoo has had to euthanise the two old lions and two young lions who were not old enough to fend for themselves," Copenhagen zoo said.

The giraffe was killed despite public outrage, because the Zoo said it wanted to improve its breeding program.

The director of a wildlife park in the Netherlands, Robert Krijuff, said he made a last-minute offer to take the giraffe that was rejected.

The new male will be introduced in a few days to the zoo's two female lions, who were born in 2012 and have reached breeding age.

Michelle Broder Van Dyke is a reporter and night editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Hawaii.

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