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    Watch How Happy These Elephants Are While Smashing Pumpkins

    Even elephants deserve some trick-or-treats.

    To celebrate Halloween, elephants at zoos all over the world were given pumpkins to smash, and it is surprisingly satisfying to watch.

    Maryland Zoo

    Here an 8,000-pound elephant at the Maryland Zoo is seen smashing and then devouring a very large pumpkin.

    Maryland Zoo / Via Facebook: video.php

    The Maryland Zoo said the pumpkins are a special treat for the elephants and that "this is the only time of year when there's a real pumpkin feast!"

    A herd of elephants were seen charging a stack of pumpkins at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, England.

    Facebook: video.php

    Elephants at the Oregon Zoo were grown enormous pumpkins, weighing more than 1,000 pounds.

    Oregon Zoo

    In this photo of the giant pumpkins, Riley the dog is seen guarding them.

    The pumpkins were even bigger than this young elephant's head.

    Kathleen C Street

    The giant pumpkins were delivered on Friday to the Oregon elephant family.

    Kathleen C Street / Via Facebook: oregonzoo

    And it's safe to say they enjoyed smashing and munching on their Halloween treats.

    Kathleen C Street

    Samudra, one of the young elephants, was so happy he literally rolled around on top of a smashed pumpkin.

    Watch the elephants pulverizing the more-than-1,000-pound pumpkins at the Oregon Zoo:

    Facebook: video.php

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