The Internet Reacts To Satoshi Nakamoto Denying He Invented Bitcoin

Let the memes begin.

Satoshi Nakamoto looks a bit puzzled by his doorsteping... Pic David McNew/Reuters #bitcoinchase

— Jules Mattsson (@julesmattsson)

we're all satoshi nakamoto.

— dan (@dcseifert)

Aren't we all possibly Frank Sinatra's son and/or Satoshi Nakamoto

— Matthew Zeitlin (@MattZeitlin)

#SatoshiNakamoto #LeaveSatoshiAlone

— Afton Almaraz (@AftonAlmaraz)

New lead on the Satoshi Nakamoto story

— Parker Higgins (@xor)

Bill Gross is Satoshi Nakamoto.

— Matt O'Brien (@ObsoleteDogma)

A @SeinfeldToday episode: George claims he is Satoshi Nakamoto, Kramer gets in Twitter debate w/ @pmarca, Newman takes up doxxing.

— Morgan Brown (@morganb)

BREAKING: Dorian Nakamoto Is NOT Satoshi Nakamoto—Source: Satoshi Nakamoto

— José Delgado (@jl_delgado)

Satoshi Nakamoto sporting the first ever bitcoin wallet

— Bitcoin (@Bitcoin)

"it has lots of buttery taste." -- Satoshi Nakamoto, genius inventor of #Bitcoin. Or not.

— Christopher David (@MillennialChris)

Then they ripped off Satoshi Nakamoto's mask and revealed he was a Shiba Inu all along. "Wow. Much meddling kids," he grumbled.

— Miss O'Kistic (@missokistic)

This whole bitcoin thing is performance art. James Franco cooked it up on the General Hospital set. Nakamoto played by Shia LeBoeuf.

— Julie Hyman (@juleshyman)

I have a hot tip for @newsweek and @truth_eater. I know where Satoshi Nakamoto eats lunch. Here's my proof:

— NickDe (@nickdepetrillo)

Newsweek has found a man named Elvis Presley living in Texas!

— Bram Cohen (@bramcohen)

Exclusive photo! Newsweek provides its first solid proof about Satoshi Nakamoto.

— General Seven (@GeneralSeven)

Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto Attempts To Throw Up the Wu, Fails Miserably

— Wu-Tang Financial (@Wu_Tang_Finance)

Also not Satoshi Nakamoto,

— Colin Peters (@ColinPeters)

#nakamoto #oscarselfie

— Jim Aley (@jimaley)

Grumpy Nakomoto

— Tim Dickinson (@7im)

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