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    Even Kim Kardashian Wishes The Kanye "Rolling Stone" Cover Was Real

    Will we ever know if Kanye likes mustard?

    On Wednesday night, Kanye West tweeted a smiley headshot of himself on what looked to be a Rolling Stone cover photographed by Tyler the Creator.


    And for a moment everyone on Twitter was like, "OMG Kanye looks so good when he smiles!"

    Awww Look he's smiling 😃😊 Kanye's Rolling Stone Magazine Cover 🤓❤️

    almost nothing makes me happier than Kanye smiling

    Plus everyone was on the edge of their seat about the mustard mystery.

    is capitalism sustainable? is social media detaching us from reality? does Kanye like mustard? these are the questions that haunt our times

    But then, Rolling Stone came crashing down on everyone's hopes and dreams.

    While we love Kanye, and have many mustard-related questions for him, this is not an actual cover of Rolling Stone

    Kanye was all, "I'm messing with you, again, but I know you still love me," hinting to a possible public debate.

    I bet you this still becomes the cover though... Let's do another poll..... #trollingstone

    He's in the midst of promoting the upcoming release of his album "Waves" and has been on Twitter recently having some ... fun.

    Fans who are now left wondering about Yeezy's mustard preference may never recover.

    now we'll never get to know what Kanye's favorite type of mustard is and why it's definitely not honey

    Kanye then went all in and made a Twitter POLL about if it should be the cover. 🚨

    Should this be a Rolling Stone cover? Yes or No

    But who cares what the masses think, because KK has let the world know the truth. And she said it in all caps so we KNOW it's true.

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