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    Interspecies Hookups

    What happens when a lion and a jaguar get together? Or a horse and a zebra?


    At the Dubai Camel Centre, they used artificial insemination to put camel semen into a llama mama. The results: this adorable 2 day old cama named Rama!

    Grolar bear


    Polar bears have been known to mate with grizzly bears in the wild, making grolar bears. Many hybrids are infertile, but grolar bears have given birth to baby grolars.


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    It's super sad that all the zebras rejected Eclyse the zorse. I hope he does make a horse friend!


    Kekaimalu, a mix of a false killer whale and an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, doing a flip at Sea Life park in Hawaii.

    This hybrid had no trouble making friends with the bottlenose dolphins at Sea Life Park. Here Kekaimalu swims next to her baby calf!


    During the 1950s in Japan, a lioness and a jaguar mated and produced a leopon!


    Here is an adorable litter of leopons. I just want to squeeze and hold them so bad!


    Lisa the geep was born in Germany after a young billy goats leapt over a fence and had an impromptu affair with an ewe. Even though goats and sheep look alike, they have a different amount of chromosomes and are from different genera, making the geep very unusual--it's like a cat and a dog getting together.