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Instructor Caught On Camera Saving Skydiver Having A Seizure

"Possibly the scariest moment of my life."

A video purportedly shows a man, who jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet over Western Australia, having a seizure as he is free falling.

The skydiver, 22-year-old Christopher Jones, was taking a training program with Western Australia Skydiving Academy, when he made the fateful jump on Nov. 14, 2014.

Robin O'Neill, the business manager and chief instructor of the academy, confirmed to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the instructor who helped the skydiver is Sheldon McFarlane.

Jones later described it as "possibly the scariest moment of my life."

By mid-fall, it's clear in the video that something is wrong, as the man rolls onto his back and starts to shake uncontrollably.

For about 30 seconds, he continues to convulse as the instructor attempts to get close enough to pull his parachute.

McFarlane's first attempt to grab the skydiver is unsuccessful.

At about 4,000 feet, he makes another attempt and is successful this time, launching the parachute with the ripcord.

Jones said he came to about 3,000 feet above the ground and was able to safely land. He described it as a "near-death experience."

Watch the video of the harrowing moment here:

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