Here’s How You Can Find Out What Your Uber Driver Thinks Of You

Software engineer Aaron Landy worked out a neat hack, so passengers can find out their own ratings. Update: The hack has been taken down.


Late Sunday night, Uber changed the website so that this hack was no longer accessible. No fun, Uber.

Uber relies on a system that allows driver and passenger to rate one another, and while passengers can see drivers’ ratings, they can’t see their own.


Until now! Developer Aaron Landy figured out a neat hack which you can try out here:

1. Log into your account on Chrome and then open console by pressing CMD + Option + J on Chrome.

2. Then paste this Javascript code into the console:

if(window.Uber.pingData === false) { location.reload(); } else { alert(“Name : ” + window.Uber.pingData.client.firstName + ” ” + window.Uber.pingData.client.lastName + “\nEmail : “+ + “\nPassenger rating is : “+ window.Uber.pingData.client.rating); }

3. After the code is pasted, the window will reload. Leave the console open and repaste the Javascript code, which should yield a pop-up window with your rating:

What's your Uber passenger rating?

— Kevin Fox (@kfury)

Many people on Twitter were excited to share their ratings:

My Uber "passenger rating" is 5

— Michael (@donohoe)

I have a 4.8 Uber rating

— Amber (@missambear)

Although some people were too scared to find out their scores:

Too afraid to check my rating; I farted in an uber once.

— Michael S Galpert (@msg)

I am genuinely nervous to get my Uber passenger rating. This is like report card day.

— Callie Schweitzer (@cschweitz)

And some people were very understanding of why their ratings were so low:

My Uber passenger rating is 2.4 probably because I munch on a reheated tupperware container of leftover garlic and cumin pasta in every ride

— Matthew Panzarino (@panzer)

While other people were disappointed to find out their scores weren’t higher:

I'm only a 4.7 , thought I was perfect -- How to find your Uber passenger rating via @nuzzel

— Shai Goldman (@shaig)

Damn… I’m only a 4.8 on Uber.. Can I get a parent teacher conference to learn how to improve?

— Aaron Batalion (@abatalion)

ignorance is very bliss in the form of my uber rating

— kelly cohen (@politiCOHEN_)

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