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CNN Interviews A Celebrity Llama Named Pierre On Live TV

"We llove llamas."

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After two llamas on the run from authorities in Arizona captured the attention of viewers across the nation, CNN decided to interview a llama live in the studio Thursday night.

Don Lemon interviewed Pierre, who is unfortunately not the white llama from the infamous chase, but is still a celebrity llama.

A llama is being interviewed on CNN. This may be the first sign of the alpacalypse.


You may remember Pierre from his appearance on Saturday Night Live or when he walked in the Greenwich Village parade.

"He's famous. He's been on 'Saturday Night Live.'" Llama handler Susan to @donlemon re 'Pierre'

Anyway, Lemon didn't really like Pierre's name, so he tried to rename him Lorenzo Llamas.

No, @donlemon, you can not rename #Pierre 'Lorenzo Llama,' and yes that is 'so corny.'


The llama wasn't that into the new name, which made Lemon a little nervous since CNN doesn't have a lasso in its studio.

"Don't run away, we don't have a lasso." #lorenzollamas @cnn #llama #yeesh

10pm hour on CNN: Jihadi John analysis, family members of ISIS hostages, @MoWorldwide interview, and then... a llama.


Black white gold and blue llama interviewed on CNN. *breaks internet*

Pierre the Llama makes his debut on @CNNTonight


Hey @CNN- put the llama in the friggin Blizzardmobile and then you have something...

Questions for the llama on CNN: 1. Alpacas - for or against them? 2. Why do you forever yearn to be free 3. Please stop spitting in my eye

Since CNN has the llama on, they might as well ask it about the plane.

.@CNN is like, let's get viewers by paying to get that llama in here. @twitter is like nah some shit about a dress.

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