7 Cities Found Under The Sea

Atlantis may still be a myth, but ruins of other civilizations have been discovered in oceans around the world.

1. Cleopatra’s Alexandria

The ancient ruins of Cleopatra VII’s royal quarters lie in the murky waters of a harbor in Egypt’s Alexandria.

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Since 1992, marine archaeologists have been exploring Cleopatra’s Alexandria.

2. Yonaguni Monument

Discovered in 1987, the Yonaguni Monument is a massive underwater rock structure in Japan.

The debate still rages about whether the site is natural or man-made.

3. Pavlopetri

Pavlopetri off the Southern Coast of Greece was discovered to have homes, tombs, roads, courtyards, and temples all arranged in a well-planned urban center.

4. Mahabalipuram

The legend has it that near the famous Mahabalipuram temple in India, six more temples are submerged beneath the waves.

In 2004 a tsunami revealed several stone structures buried in the sand and water close to the Mahabalipuram temple.

5. The Cambay Ruins

In 2000 this site was found in the Gulf of Cambay (also known as the Gulf of Khambhat) in India by chance when oceanographers were doing sonar testing for pollution.

6. Port Royal

In the 17th century, Port Royal in Jamaica plunged beneath the water during an earthquake.

7. The Lost Villages

The Lost Villages are 10 communities in Ontario, Canada, which were permanently submerged by the creation of the Saint Lawrence Seaway in 1958.

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