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    21 Ways To Build A Miniature Garden With Items Found In Your House

    Good ideas for starting or improving your garden — even if you don't have a lot of space. Also, finally something to do with your empty jars, milk jugs, and other things destined for the trash.

    1. Make upside-down planters.

    2. Start seedlings in a citrus peel.

    3. Start seedlings in an egg carton.

    4. Create self-watering seed starters.

    5. Fashion a watering can out of a recycled detergent bottle.

    6. Make a herb garden with jars.

    7. Make a planter for your jar garden.

    8. Create magnetic wall terrariums.

    9. Build mirrored planters.

    10. Turn old cans into planters.

    Mount your new can planters.

    11. Make a tapestry out of a mirror frame.

    12. Construct hanging terrariums out of bait bags.

    13. Assemble a plant stand.

    14. Make a super mini-garden in a teacup.

    15. Put together a crate garden.

    16. Make a magnetic garden organizer.

    17. Fashion a hanging garden.

    18. Make garden markers out of kaput spoons.

    19. Make a vertical garden out of a shoe caddy.

    20. Prepare a water garden.

    21. Create a string garden.