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    Posted on Dec 14, 2012

    12 Reasons Why Hawaiian Monk Seals Are Adorable

    Most seals live in ice cold waters, but the Hawaiian monk seal is a tropical exception.

    1. The monk seals are known to Native Hawaiians as "ilio holo i ka uaua," meaning "dog that runs in rough water."

    2. Monk seals eat everything from eels to octopus. / Via http://James%20Watt

    3. When the monk seal is not hunting or eating, it basks on the beach.

    Let's look at some more photos of it hanging loose on sandy Hawaiian shores.

    Here is a monk seal napping in the waves.

    This one is content.

    This one is wondering about the meaning of the universe.

    This one partied too hard last night.

    This monk seal has found a kindred spirit.


    "Hey, you looking at me?"

    4. Also, monk seals are happy to rest on volcanic coastlines.

    So happy to rest.

    5. And to rest on coral. / Via http://Karin%20Stanton

    6. Sometimes monk seals yawn.

    And are even bashful about it.

    7. Monk seals are friendly.

    When they want to be.

    8. They will surf a wave with you.

    9. Mother monk seals use the beach for pupping.

    10. Doe-eyed pups!

    11. Mother monk seals remain with their pups for the first six weeks.

    Together constantly.

    Then, the mother abandons the pup, which is sad, but the mother is starving.

    She has already lost hundreds of pounds and needs to eat.

    12. Hawaiian monk seals love you. Do you love them?

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