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    11 Ridiculous Things You Could Do If You Owned An Island

    For starters, you could breed 200 flamingos and nurse your own sharks. But wait, there’s more!

    1. Marry a local and build her a village / Via

    Marlon Brando married a Tahitian woman who was half-his-age and played his onscreen love interest in the “Mutiny of the Bounty.” He also bought his own piece of French Polynesia, an atoll with 13 islets called Tetiaroa, where he built a village out of local materials--like big seashells used as sinks. Soon, you will be able to hang out at Tetiaroa, but at a luxury eco-resort that will be named "the Brando”!

    2. Play with Sharks / Via

    Johnny Depp bought an island in the Bahamas after filming “Pirates of the Caribbean,” like his island-owner mentor Brando. On Little Hall’s Pond Cay, he takes his kids to hang out with sharks in Heath’s Place, which Depp named after his late friend Heath Ledger.

    3. Have 200 flamingos!

    In 1974, Virgin Atlantic owner Sir Richard Branson bought his first of three islands, known as Necker in the British Virgin Islands, and transformed it into a 74-acre luxury resort with a submarine called the Necker Nymph and lots of flamingos.

    During Hurricane Irene, the main house on Necker Island was struck by lightning and caught on fire. Kate Winslet, who happened to be a guest, carried Branson’s 90-year-old mum out of the burning house. It's just like the movies!

    4. Find the Fountain of Youth

    Magician David Copperfield says that he has discovered the fountain of youth on one of his four islands in the Bahamas.

    You can find out if it's the real deal and rent Copperfield's island Musha Cay for a mere $37,500 a day.

    5. Build a better village with a Bodega!

    James Island off the coast of Vancouver can now be yours for $75 million! It comes with a giant main house, six guest cottages, a pool, private docks, an 18-golf course, a library, gym and bodega.

    Would you rather own this thing or an island? AT&T tycoon Craig McCaw recently paid a $35 million for an apple-green Ferrari, which might be why he is selling James Island.

    6. Make a clubhouse for your artsy friends

    Bonds Cay looks like a pretty good spot for an artists’ retreat.

    At least, that is what Shakira and Roger Waters thought when they purchased the island in the Bahamas.

    7. Invite sailing buddies to your private yacht harbor

    Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison really likes to sail. He recently bought Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii, where he plans to make a world-class yacht harbor. The island only cost him about $550 million.

    8. Bring the beach to your backyard

    For some reason playing a man who goes nuts on an isolated island inspired Leonardo DiCaprio to buy Blackadore Cay near Belize. With a little help from the Four Seasons, he plans to turn the island into an eco-friendly resort.

    9. Live in a fairytale princess castle

    Celion Dion’s lives on an island in Mille Îles River that runs through Montreal. She has a giant fence around her French-style chateau, so that obsessive fans don’t come knocking on her dock.

    10. Make it your getaway

    After the release of his film “The Passion of the Christ,” Mel Gibson bought the secluded Mago Island in Fiji as his retreat for whenever he pisses off everyone.

    11. Only let people ride segways

    The inventor of the segway, Dean Kamen, has established a constitution, flag, currency, and national anthem, as well as a navy—with one amphibious ship—for North Dumpling Island near Connecticut. He also calls himself “Lord Dumpling” and only lets people ride segways.

    He also built this replica of Stonehenge, which he lights up with neon lights.