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Sixties Vs. Today Has Anything Really Changed?

We've always grown up knowing that we learn history so we don't repeat it's mistakes... but there's no mistake when it comes to repeating trends from the 1960s.

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Fashion Icon: Twiggy Vs. Cara Delevingne

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Twiggy was the worlds first supermodel and a household name throughout the sixties, she was most known for her boyish haircut and her eyes, specifically her eyelashes. She is unforgettable. Cara Delevingne, although in this picture looks just like Twiggy, is taking on the fashion industry by storm. Known for her eyebrows and fun loving attitude. Cara has won Model of the Year twice. Both iconic models were born in London....It must be something in the water over there.

Music Festivals: Woodstock Vs. Cochella

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Woodstock was a "3 days of Peace and Music" festival held in New York in August. The crowd was filled with flower children. Coachella is a music and arts festival held annually in California. Unlike Woodstock, Coachella lasts for six days between two weekends in April. Coachella's crowd is filled with what would have been the flower children of the 1960s, their outfits are remarkably similar. As seen in the next post.

Flower Child: Then Vs. Now

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The flower child is a term for a hippie who gathered in San Francisco during the summer of love in 1967. They distributed flowers to symbolize ideals and universal belonging of piece and love. Although the hippie generation has seemingly died down in today's world, their outfit and ideals shine though at moments, like Coachella. The flower crown is still in full bloom and they even travel to California as well for the festival.

Movements: Flower Power Vs. LGBTQ Rights

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Flower Power was a slogan used for a movement to protest violence. Hippies embraced the slogans by dressing in floral and bright colors and prints at protests. One large movement we are experiencing today is equal rights for LGBTQ and same sex marriages. Protesters take the symbol of the rainbow and dress accordingly to protests and parades for this strong movement.

Sunglasses: Hippie vs. Ray Ban Mainstream

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What's old is definitely new again. Granny dresses in the 1960s were worn by teens with wire framed sunglasses with circle colored lenses. Ray Ban came out with their colored reflective sunglasses last year and they are still such a hit. Originally in the aviator style, they have adapted to the trend of the 1960s coming back and have made similar styled frames as what the hippies wore back then.

Menswear: Vest Suits Vs. Pant Suits

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Women started wearing tailored menswear suits and blazers and I love it. In the 1960s a more casual version of this look was the vest suit. Now we see pant suits strut down the red carpet and my jaw never fails to drop. Cara Delevingne has also rocked this style as well, of course. Thank you for this trend 1960s, thank you.

Pants: Mod Flared Pants Vs. Pac Sun Flared Pants

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With the crop tops back in full swing there is nothing more trendier to add to that outfit than the Mod Flared pants that have been adapted now to a printed pant that flares at the bottom just like back then. These pants but a swing in your step and can be dressed down or up. This was a staple piece of the 1960s.

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