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The 10 Stages Of Experiencing Winter As Told By Lorelai Gilmore

"I smell snow."

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1. When the first snow of the year is coming and everyone is excited for the Holidays.

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2. Before anyone has been out in the snow, everything looks so picturesque.

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3. You have so many plans to drink hot chocolate.

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4. This winter is going to be great! This is the year you do all of those classic Winter activities!

5. And then it happens...For the first time of the season, you're late to work because you had to shovel snow and scrape off your car.

6. You find yourself commiserating about the snow and how it makes you late more and more often.

7. You start to realize that for you to "enjoy" the snow, it needs to be miserably cold and the air needs to hurt your face.

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8. You start to take the snow ruining your plans and making you cold very, very personally.

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9. You no longer want to leave the house and go out into the cold.

10. But then, Winter starts to thaw and everything gets warm and humid. And you think, maybe just maybe, that you miss winter a little bit.

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And all of it really just makes you think...

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