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17 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Croydon

Don’t say "Croydon facelift" to me.

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4. Falling asleep on a train from London to East Croydon and running the risk of waking up in Brighton.

5. Embracing the N68 bus.

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Which obviously includes falling asleep as soon as you finish your delicious fried chicken meal and missing your stop.

13. Reading one-of-a-kind headlines.

15. Witnessing the most colourful characters on the high street.

So a crazy old lady glued her bum to debenhams in Croydon... I think the police were a bit confused. #Croydon #wtf

17. But despite all the banter we have to deal with, we're pretty secure in ourselves.

Ryan Emberley / Invision / AP

We did give you two of the most beautiful people on the planet, after all.

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