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    17 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You Live In Croydon

    Don’t say "Croydon facelift" to me.

    1. Not really knowing if you live in Surrey or South London.

    2. Nearly getting hit by a tram after a night out.

    3. Mourning the closing of The Black Sheep Bar, Yates, And Tiger Tiger.

    4. Falling asleep on a train from London to East Croydon and running the risk of waking up in Brighton.

    5. Embracing the N68 bus.

    6. When people spell Croydon as "Croyden".

    7. Answering to any criticism of Croydon with "Westfield Is coming soon!"

    8. Walking past riot damage several years after it happened and wondering if it will ever be restored.

    9. Having friends north of the river moan about you living "so far away".

    10. Putting on your best RP voice before saying where you live.

    11. Hating the Allders replacement.

    12. And having fond memories of the Big Apple record store.

    13. Reading one-of-a-kind headlines.

    14. Being annoyed when a French newspaper called Croydon 'monotonous'.

    15. Witnessing the most colourful characters on the high street.

    So a crazy old lady glued her bum to debenhams in Croydon... I think the police were a bit confused. #Croydon #wtf

    16. Finding the term "Croydon facelift" annoyingly old.

    17. But despite all the banter we have to deal with, we're pretty secure in ourselves.