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11 Reasons Young Adult Fiction Fans Will Love "Maze Runner: The Death Cure"

Don't miss the epic installment of the Maze Runner saga – Maze Runner: The Death Cure in cinemas January 18

1. It's the action-packed finale of a series that faithfully adapts James Dashner's Maze Runner book series.

2. Set in a bleak dystopian future where a group of teenagers were confronted with menacing challenges set by a mysterious group known as W.C.K.D.

3. The movie brings the story to an action packed conclusion, with Thomas and his allies now trying to break back into W.C.K.D's headquarters to unlock the truth. After spending the first two installments trying to escape.

4. We also see just how far the world has fallen in the future due to a world-ending event: the Flare virus.

5. With the mystery surrounding the thrilling race to find a cure — if one even actually exists.

6. This is all brought to life by a strong cast, with some of our favourite characters returning and a few surprises. You just won't know who OR what to trust!

7. Including strong female heroes that aren't just there for a romantic subplot — not to say there isn't any romance though.

8. The world-building also brings the pages to life in an amazing way...

9. ...including some scary AF creatures that will give you nightmares.

10. The action is a blend of classic realism with a futuristic twist that brings everything to life in a heart-racing way.

11. All tied up with strong themes that raise a lot of questions for YA lovers and movie fans, making us think about our own world and actions.

All the pieces are falling into place for an explosive final chapter! Check out the trailer for Maze Runner: The Death Cure here. And then see it in cinemas 18 January.

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