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You And Your BFFs, According To "Maze Runner"

It's like a maze of friendship, and you're dominating it.

1. TBH, you probably have the raddest group of friends ever.

2. But they tend to be a little bit lazy, so you constantly have to hype them up to do things.

3. When it's time to hit the town, your friend who's the worst driver always volunteers to drive...

4. ...but nobody else cares, so you just go with it.

5. Someone always recommends a trendy new bar or speakeasy that has a weird name and quirky entrance...

6. ...but you've known your friends long enough to trust that it's gonna be AWESOME.

7. Sometimes you run into your ex when you're out with your friends...

8. ...and later your friends berate you because you talked to your ex, even though you definitely shouldn't have.

9. If you go to the bathroom while you're out with your friends, you'd better be ready to search for them when you come out — because they will completely disappear.

10. You definitely have that one friend who always wants to leave right when the DJ's set turns to pure fire...

11. ...but the rest of your friends will stay out and party with you until the sun literally comes up in your faces.

12. Luckily, some of your friends are morning people, and they're always willing to get you a glass of water when you wake up feeling like this:

13. And text you photos of all the dumb stuff you did last night that they will NEVER let you forget about.

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The next time you're hanging with your BFFs, do them all a favor and go see Maze Runner: The Death Cure, in theaters everywhere January 26.

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