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    Go To The Next Level With Your SEO

    It seems that almost everyone, to some extent, wants to go to the next level--to make it to the next best thing. Our world and markets run off of this, so it is very important in today’s market to have a trusted SERP tracker.

    It used to be feasible to manually track your results on your SEO, but now, not only is it very time consuming, but because of the great options out there for tracking your SEO rank lists it can be very expensive to do it manually. The other problem that arises is that not only can it be very difficult, but you could also be obtaining false information.

    White Label

    White Label is a great place to get ranking reports. Ranking reports are an excellent way to keep your clients engaged and let them know how their campaign is going. The phrase “happy wife, happy life” applies with your clients. “Happy clients, happy life!” When you are showing info to your clients, it is important that you have detailed yet concise information. This will help keep your clients coming back to you to help them succeed. When you help your clients succeed, you succeed.

    Some benefits of white label are:

    * You can add your logo and brand information to the report. This is great to give to your clients because it has your brand information on it.

    * The reports can be customized.

    * You can send reports to clients via email.

    * You can have shared reports. You can link URLs so it looks like it is associated with your brand. You can have password protection.

    * There is a white label app called MyRanks that has your brand logo on it, but they can sign into and look at rankings.

    * There are great ways to really go up and beyond for your clients and leave a great impression with them.

    Track Mobile and Local Rankings

    To track local and mobile rank lists is impossible without a SERP tracker. There are too many factors to be able to do this manually. You may be able to get some information, but you will not find all rank listing information doing it manually.

    There is a great one to use called PRT. PRT allows you to track local rank lists on 187 Google sites, 35 Yahoo! sites, 32 Bing sites, YouTube, and all Amazon Local sites. This is an awesome function and really allows you to figure out where you are excelling and where you need to do some more work.

    Ranking Discovery Tool

    This is really helpful tool. You can use this tool to look at a website and see up to 100 hidden keywords that rank with that website. Since these keywords are already ranking, it is very easy to rank them in higher positions. This allows to you bring paying customers to your website. You can use this tool to find keywords in any niche that you can think of and really maximize keywords and increase your conversion of viewers to your clients’ websites.

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