13 Signs We’re Living In The Future

The future is now. Seriously! It’s right now! These are some crazy innovations, right here. Speaking of which, have you seen the new Mazda3?

1. There are robots that can adapt to their environments.

This is the “big dog” - he’s an all-terrain robot that can travel through some tough environments and keep its balance - all by itself.

2. 3D pens exist.

Using a special pen that heats and then quickly cools malleable plastic, your doodles can now jump off the page.

3. This is what skylines look like now.

This is Shanghai. Not Futuretown. Don’t get confused.

4. Bitcoins are a thing.

Zach Copley / Via Flickr: zcopley

In addition to the fact that we’ve got a worldwide information superhighway - which is pretty impressive all by itself - there’s now an online currency, and it’s working.

5. Moving sidewalks are commonplace.

Remember in old movies, how the future was depicted? Flying cars, meals in a tube, and moving sidewalks. Well, one out of three ain’t bad.

6. Because cloning!

Scientists in Japan have recently cloned a rat using only a single drop of blood from a donor.

7. We’re honing in on how to selectively erase memories.

Agent J and Agent K had this nifty little neuralizer in Men in Black - they were able to erase certain memories with just a flash of light. While it’s not that simple yet, it’s getting close.

8. Smartphones are pretty remarkable, when you think about it.

Phil Campbell / Via Flickr: clanlife

It’s said that computer power doubles every eighteen months. Today, your smartphone has more computer power than all of NASA in 1969 when it sent two men to the moon. That’s insane.

9. The first commercial space flight should be happening next year.

If you’re obscenely wealthy next year, consider booking a ticket on the Virgin Galactic.

10. Because this thing.

It can drive, it can fly, it can probably cook you breakfast, if you ask it nicely.

11. Intelligent prosthetic limbs are available.

Controlled by just two muscles in his amputated arm, this prosthetic is able to perform a huge variety of “finger” positions.

12. Video chatting is easy as pie.

It seemed like such an advanced concept fifteen years ago, didn’t it? Now you can just lounge and talk to China if you feel like it.

13. Fashion…of the future.

Possibly the most significant technological development of this generation.

Need more proof that we’re living in the future? Here you go.

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