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14 Signs Your Friends Are The Most Dependable

Where would you be without them? Celebrate those pals who will literally show up for anything. Brought to you by the dependable appliances of Maytag.

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1. When you ask them to bring a dessert, they bring a dessert.


Not an appetizer. Not a salad. Not an I.O.U.

2. You never have to remind them about the dress code.


Because "Black Tie" pretty much says it all.

3. They reply with very clear RSVPs.

There are only TWO OPTIONS, America!

4. When you both agree to get in shape, they actually make you go to the gym.


Even if it only lasts for a week.

5. When you need to talk something out, they allow you to contradict yourself.

Channel 4 / Via

"Do you mean 'mad' like 'angry' or 'mad' like 'crazy?'"

6. When your outfit doesn't match your shoes, they open up their closet for business.


And when you loan out your stuff, they always return.

7. Whenever you land at the airport, they're always there waiting for you.

Even when it takes FOREVER to get off the plane and through the terminal.

8. When you're the last to perform, they sit through every other act.


Last call for loving support!

9. When someone you dislike approaches, you can count on your friend to throw a block.

Disney / Via

Alert: creepy guy at 12 o'clock.

10. When you say you're too tired to do anything, they're right there beside you.

Rooster Teeth / Via

"Let's not go and say we did."

11. When it's cash only, they've got the cash that you don't.

Toby Turner / Via

Same goes for when your card is declined.

12. When you make a lame joke, you can count on them to give you a sympathy laugh.

"I see what you were going for."

13. When you're stressed and speechless, they wait for you to find the words.


"Yes, and...?"

14. And when it's your birthday, they surprise you with the party that you've been alluding to all year.

They used that "hypothetical" guest list you accidentally emailed them.