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18 Cats Who Are Tougher Than They Seem

FACT: Cats are mad strong. What's equally tough? Appliances from Maytag!

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1. "Bears? Bears are wimps!"

2. "Your horns are no match for my claws!"

3. "They call me Super Cat!"

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4. "You came back from extinction? Well, prepare to return!"

5. "I've been training for five hours straight."

6. "I may be wittle, but I'm vewy stwong!"

7. "The force is powerful with this feline."

8. "Let me get this out of the way for you."

9. "Gravity ain't no thang."

10. "Silly horse, back away from my human!"

11. "Stuck? Nah, I'm fine. I meant to do this. It's no big deal."

12. "Big dogs are the biggest scaredy-cats."

13. "Time to teach this ceiling fan a lesson."

14. "I'll claw you into a nice pair of shoes."

15. "I will conquer this sock like no sock has been conquered before."

16. "Ninja cat scales anything with 100% ease and 0% fear."

17. "I've been a fearless skateboarder my entire life! Yes, for an entire 16 months."

18. "I fear nothing!"