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    24 Things That Are Kind Of Weird, But I Want Them All Anyway

    Nothing boring here.

    1. A trio of silicone pencil cases that are shaped like some of your favourite veggies (like a pea pod!). They're waterproof, making them great for storing makeup or skincare in the bathroom, too.

    several shots of the pencil case and person putting pens in it

    2. This fishy flask that'll hold up to four ounces of your liquid of choice. Since it’s made of stainless steel, it’ll actually keep your drinks cold, and the shape makes it easy to slip in your bag.

    person pouring out liquid from the fisk flask

    3. A fruit tart bed for your fur baby, because they're the sweetest of them all. It comes with six cozy, fruit-shaped pillows that they can cuddle up with while they snooze.

    4. A set of paw slippers for your furniture, so they won't scratch up your floors. They'll also prevent that horrid screeching sound from happening every time you get up from your seat.

    the paw slippers on the furniture legs

    5. A set of tooth planters for your succulents or air plants that Tim Burton would definitely approve of. Reviewers also love using them as pen holders and (ironically) candy jars.

    the tooth planters with plants in them

    6. A corgi mousepad that has some serious junk in the trunk to support your wrist. It also has a non-slip base, meaning it won't go sliding all over your desk.

    the mousepad with the corgis butt as the padded area

    7. A set of drink markers that'll help you distinguish your drink from your roomie's, because we left sharing drinks back in 2019. Since they "grab on" to your glass, they're more versatile than regular wine markers that just wrap around the stem.

    little drink marker named chad holding onto a glass

    8. A screaming goat figurine that honestly doesn't really have any purpose beyond being incredibly fun to use (just ask the over 17,000 people that love it). It also comes with an illustrated book full of fun facts about this majestic creature.

    the goat figurine

    9. A set of lightsaber chopsticks that'll make your next meal a little more exciting. Unfortunately, you won't be able to grill your food with them, but they're a great gift idea for the Star Wars fan in your life.

    the chopsticks on a bowl

    10. A No-Face piggy bank for all my Studio Ghibli fans out there. No place to store your loose change? This little guy will happily eat it up for you!

    person putting a coin in the plate of the no-face piggy bank

    11. A Bluetooth speaker that looks like an old-school computer. You can draw a picture for it to display from the app and it even has a bunch of retro mini-games you can play on it.

    person drawing a bunny on the app and it showing up on the speaker

    12. An egg white separator that's a little gross but, like, in a satisfying way (kinda like pimple popping). But it’ll actually work to separate your eggs, and you can even use it for gravy and sauces.

    person pouring egg white out of the nose of the separater

    13. A mushroom nightlight that'll turn your room into an ethereal garden. It'll cycle through seven different colours and adjust its brightness based on the room lighting, so you can leave it on 24/7.

    three mushroom lights on an outlet

    14. A 50 Shades of Gray-inspired chicken cookbook that'll teach you how to properly tie up your bird and get it hot and juicy. But real talk, there are actually 50 really delicious chicken recipes that are ~bound~ to make your next dinner a hit.

    a chicken tied on a plate

    15. This spoon holder that'll save your stovetop from saucy spills. It's made of silicone so it's easy to clean, and reviewers even use it as a teether for their little ones.

    wooden spoon on the spoon holder on an oven top

    16. A set of cactus coasters that'll connect together to create a houseplant for the horticulturally hopeless. They'll keep your tables free of scratches, and protect them from watermarks and heat.

    the coasters in their plant form and one under a cup

    17. A pair of blobfish slippers that are just a little cuter than their slimy real-life counterpart. They'll keep your tootsies warm and the foam insoles will keep them comfy.

    person wearing the slippers

    18. A chicken nugget-inspired Airpod case that'll pay homage to your favourite salty snack. It's made of silicone to protect your case from scratches, and it comes with a clip so you can hook it onto your keychain or bag.

    person holding an airpod with the other airpod in the nugget case

    19. A pack of fire dyes (yes, you read that correctly) that'll turn your campfire into a colourful blaze. They'll set the mood for some scary stories (but just make sure you toast your marshmallows before you throw them in).

    the fire with colours in it

    20. A set of pickle-shaped wine stoppers that'll keep your wine fresh for your next glass. The ends are two different widths, making them great for bottle openings of any size.

    the pickle toppers on in the wine bottles

    21. A beaver floatie that's pretty much the definition of Canadian. It'll support your loungey lake days this summer (and you won't get it mixed up with all the pink flamingos that everyone else has — BORING!).

    person in the beaver floatie

    22. A shrimp neck pillow that you can use for a nap or long car ride. Reviewers say it's sturdy enough to support their head and that it always puts a smile on everyone's faces.

    the shrimp pillow

    23. And a set of maki pushpins that you can use to tack up your important documents and reminders. The "sushi" base holds each of the pins in place, so you won't prick your finger trying to scoop them out of a box.

    the pins in the base

    24. A hot dog slicer that'll cut up criss-cross slots in your dog, making it the perfect sauce vessel. The ridges are also great if you like your sausage cooked with crispier edges.

    the hotdogs cooked with the criss-cross slice shape

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