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    19 Incredibly Versatile Pieces Of Furniture That’ll Cater To Your Every Need

    Great for small spaces!

    1. This coffee table that also functions as a desk when you lift the top up. It also features plenty of storage on the sides and under the tabletop, so you can stash away your cables, magazines, and other random things.

    the desk with the top up

    2. A convertible bench frame that can can swiftly fold up into a table when it's time to dine. If you buy two, you can push them together to make a full picnic table.

    3. A recliner chair that's basically made for you, if you love sitting on the floor. The backrest can be adjusted in 14 different positions and can even be laid flat for easy storage or as an extra bed.

    person on their laptop on the chair

    4. A motorized standing desk that you can adjust to give your legs a bit of a stretch. It has four memory settings, so you can quickly access your perfect height even if you share it with your fam or roomies.

    the desk

    5. This three-tiered lamp shelf that'll light up your space and give you a space to put your plants or other items. It looks sleek and won't take much space, and lots of reviewers say assembly is a breeze.

    the lamp in a room that's full of flowers and plants

    6. A velvet ottoman that'll make the perfect footrest or extra seat. It doubles as a storage unit when you pop the top off and if you flip the top upside down, you can turn it into a side table.

    7. A mini table that can be used both vertically or horizontally. It's perfectly portable, so you can bring it along with you if you don't want to buy a table for every room in your home.

    the table being used on a couch, on a bed, next to a couch, and in a playroom

    8. A bookcase reading nook that'll help you (or your little one) keep all your favourite titles organized. Reviewers love that it's a safer alternative than a bookshelf for small children, since they can reach their books without them toppling over.

    the reading nook with toys in the bins

    9. A standing jewellery cabinet that'll keep your treasures hidden away behind a mirror. It comes with a lock and key, so your beautiful baubles will be safe at all times.

    the standing cabinet open showing jewellery inside

    10. A kitchen cart that'll be a lifesaver in your tiny kitchen space. It's packed with shelves, hooks, and even a sliding basket, so you can fill it up in whatever way best fits your arsenal of cooking gear.

    the cart filled with kitchen things like a microwave and plates

    11. A giant beanbag chair that can be converted into an entire full-sized bed (I know, it blew my mind, too). Not only is it great for lounging around in, but it's also fab for smaller guest rooms or playrooms.

    12. Or this floating beanbag that can used in or out of the pool. It has a moisture-wicking honeycomb cover, meaning it'll dry up in no time once you've pulled it out of the water.

    13. A pleather futon with a removable ottoman that can be used in three different ways, including as a bed. The ottoman also opens up, so you can stuff your extra pillows or blankets in it.

    the couch with the ottoman

    14. A TV stand with plenty of storage space for all of your gaming consoles and accessories. The lower cabinet features two sliding barn doors, so you can just glide 'em on over when you've got some junk to conceal.

    the TV unit with books and decor in it

    15. A shelved room divider that'll help give you some privacy and extra storage space. The shelves are removable, so you don’t have to use all three — and you can just use the room divider alone, too.

    the shelved room divider between two rooms

    16. A drop-leaf table that'll instantly give you more space when you need it, whether it's to dine or to work. Since there are two foldable ends, it can be converted into three different sizes (seating six when it's fully open).

    the drop-leaf table with one side folded down

    17. A platform bedframe with side shelving that'll help you keep your bedroom organized. It'll help keep things like books and chargers in reach, which is great if you can't be bothered to get out of bed to grab them.

    a made bed ontop of the bedframe

    18. This convertible desk that you can fold up into a discreet wall cabinet when you're not using it. It also has a bunch of adjustable shelves to store all of your go-to supplies.

    The desk attached to a wall with a computer on it

    19. An industrial-style garment rack that you can use to store your coats, bags, plants, shoes, or basically anything you want. The bench portion is sturdy enough to sit on, so you can use it as extra seating or to stabilize yourself while you put your shoes on.

    the garment rack against a wall with plants and pillows around it

    You at everything on this list:

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