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    29 Things I Tried, Loved, And Won't Stop Recommending

    They're worth every penny.

    1. This day pack that'll become your trusty companion on a hike or kayak trip. It's lightweight, water resistant, has tons of pockets, and even folds into a handy pouch for storage.

    2. A bottle of soothing body wash made with oatmeal and shea butter that'll give your dry skin the moisture it needs. Reviewers love that it's cruelty free and is made with natural and plant-based ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin.

    May holding the bottle of body wash

    3. A UV lamp that you can use to give yourself salon-worthy gel manicures at home. It'll cure your polish in less than a minute, so you can be on your merry way (without worrying about smudges).

    4. A headlight restoration kit that'll get your headlights looking brand spanking new. It'll also make driving a tad bit safer, since the light will project farther and brighter.

    5. A cake pan, so you can try your hand at one of those aesthetic cakes you've been seeing all over social media. Since you can rearrange the inserts, you can also use it to make brownies that are crispy on every edge.

    6. A tube of Burt's Bees tinted lip balm for when you want a hint of colour. It's made with nourishing ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter that'll keep your lips hydrated all day long.

    May holding the lip balm

    7. This ginormous cotton basket that'll actually fit all your laundry. Even if you put off laundry day for a few extra days, you’ll probably still be able to carry everything to the washing machine in one go!

    May holding the laundry bin

    8. A pack of pain-relief patches that'll provide a soothing cold/hot sensation to your tense muscles. Since they're topical, they'll provide targeted relief to any sore spots in an instant.

    9. A Revlon one-step hot air brush that'll help you dry and style your hair all at once. It'll detangle your tresses with its built-in bristles and give you a salon-worthy blowout in minutes.

    10. A 4D Game of Thrones puzzle that'll help you explore the world of Westeros and Essos (and kill a few hours in the process). If you're a fan of the franchise, it'll help you understand how everything is connected and where everything went down.

    the map fully constructed

    11. A pack of nutrient-packed fertilizer spikes that'll give your shrubs a little extra boost of vitamins and minerals. They'll also help revive those plants that are looking a little under the weather.

    12. The Two Faced Born This Way concealer that'll cover up any spots (or the fact that you only got 2 hours of sleep last night). It's also great for highlighting or contouring, since it comes in 29 shades.

    13. A tub of matcha powder that'll give you a boost of energy in the morning when mixed with water or milk. It's culinary grade, so you can also use it to try out some yummy matcha-flavoured food recipes.

    14. An air fryer that'll help you make your breakfast potatoes with a fraction of the oil (and in half the time). It has two simple dials (for time and temperature), if you're all about low-maintenance cooking without all the bells and whistles.

    the air fryer with the tray out

    15. A vibrating face scraper that uses high frequencies to gently dislodge trapped dirt and sebum in your pores. You can also use it after applying your skincare to help it absorb better.

    May holding the device which has some dirt on it

    16. A murder mystery game that'll help you live out your dreams of being a true crime detective. Using just the evidence in the box, you'll have to deduce who the killer is out of the suspect lineup.

    the games files laid out

    17. An electric fabric shaver that'll get rid of all those annoying little pills and pieces of lint that have built up on your clothes over time. You can also use them to refresh your furniture and pillows, if they've been suffering from some wear and tear.

    18. A matte screen protector that'll make it feel like you're drawing on paper. It'll keep your iPad free of scratches and make your digital illustrating experience more satisfying.

    May holding up her ipad with a pencil in her hand

    19. A Roomba i7+ robot vacuum that'll take care of the annoying chore for you, so you can spend more time doing things you actually enjoy. It comes with a charging and dirt disposal base, so once you set it up, you can forget about it for months at a time.

    20. A tub of e.l.f. putty primer that has a satin finish and is packed with hydrating ingredients (like squalene). A layer of this stuff under your foundation will create an instant smooth effect and help to reduce any cakiness. It’s like an Instagram filter in a jar.

    21. A versatile Amazon Echo Show that you can use to set alarms, keep a calendar, check the news, and more, so you’ll be up to speed and ready for your day before you’re even out of bed. And if someone you know has one, you’ll be able to video chat with them!

    22. A silk pillowcase that'll prevent your hair from drying out and getting tangled while you sleep. The cool, smooth fabric will help your skin and hair retain moisture, giving the term "beauty sleep" a whole new meaning.

    the silk pillowcase on May's bed

    23. This curling iron that'll help you achieve the bouncy curls of your dreams. Because it's tapered, you can control the size of your ringlets by wrapping your hair closer to the base or farther along at the end.

    24. This Sol de Janeiro hair and body mist that smells like a tropical vacation. It's the same scent as the über-popular Bum Bum cream, and it lasts even longer when they're paired together.

    May holding the bottle

    25. A 5-in-1 adapter, if your computer just doesn't have enough ports. It works instantly — just plug it in and watch your devices connect.

    the adapter plugged into May's computer

    26. A magnetic phone mount that's so discreet, it'll look like part of your car. Since it's round, your phone will get a full range of motion when you're using it.

    27. A charging station that'll keep all your devices organized and your desk free from cables. It'll also help you find all of your gadgets, since they'll all be docked in one place.

    a pair of airpods and a watch in the charger

    28. This vertical cap organizer that'll hook right onto any door or cabinet, if your closet is already too full. It'll keep your caps in tip top shape, since they won't be getting smushed in a box.

    29. And finally, a laptop stand that'll help your computer stay cool when it's been working overtime. It's adjustable in two areas, so you can move it around to fit the height and angle that works for you.

    the stand on a table

    Now it's your turn to get 'em:

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