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    21 Products That Were Pretty Much Made For Summer Nights

    I could stargaze forever, TBH.

    1. An LED stool that'll make your deck or balcony feel like a cool, five-star resort. It can cycle between 16 different colours and it's cordless, so you won't have to worry about tripping over wires in the dark.

    the stools around a table

    2. A smart thermostat that'll help you balance out the hot days and chilly nights right from your phone. It'll also help you save a chunk o' change on your hydro bill, since it's more efficient than regular old thermostats.

    A smart thermostat mounted on a colourful wall

    3. A string of waterproof lights that'll make your space feel magical and cozy. They're not too bright, meaning you won't grab the attention of your entire neighbourhood.

    the light with string lights in the bulbs

    4. A portable fire pit that’s less messy and easier to manage than a typical fire pit, since this one uses propane instead of firewood. It'll light up instantly and you won't get burned by stray ashes.

    the firepit next to two chairs

    5. A pair of heat-resistant grill lights that'll help you see your workspace when your BBQ night goes a little later than expected. They have magnetic bases, so they should be able to just stick right onto the hood of your grill.

    the grill lights on the grill

    6. A Bluetooth speaker lamp that'll help set the mood for your backyard hangs. The lamp part flickers like a flame, making the atmosphere super cozy, but without the soot.

    the lamp on a table

    7. A copy of the 2021 Night Sky Almanac by Nicole Mortillaro to guide you through all of the astronomy and cosmic events of the summer. It also has a ton of info on telescopes, the history of constellations, and how to use your hands to measure angles.

    the book on a blanket

    8. A set of fairy lights that'll make your pergola feel magical. It has eight different light modes, so you can even make them twinkle when you're feeling extra.

    the lights on a pergola

    9. A pack of outdoor clips that are strong enough to withstand the elements (they're waterproof and UV resistant). They'll make putting up lights or other decor so much easier — and they're renter-friendly, too.

    10. A pair of rechargeable lights to mount on your bike, so you can cycle at night and still see. You can also hook them onto your dog's collar when you decide to take your pup for an evening stroll.

    the lights

    11. A microfibre throw that'll keep you warm when it starts to get a little chilly outside. It’s warm and cozy, but still lightweight enough that you won’t overheat.

    the blanket next to a book and cup

    12. Or a patio heater, so everyone can still enjoy the great outdoors on chillier nights. It has an adjustable heat knob, so you can tweak the settings to your perfect temperature.

    the heater in a yard

    13. A light-up disc that'll become your fur baby's new favourite toy. If you don't have a pet, you can use it to play a good old game of frisbee with your (human) friends instead.

    a dog with the disc in it's mouth

    14. A set of citronella-scented candles that'll help ward off mosquitos and other unwanted bugs that always seem to go crazy at night. They smell fresh and will add ambient light — plus, the tin containers can be reused to store your little bits and bobs.

    the tins of candles

    15. Or this weatherproof bug zapper that'll trap and zap annoying insects and keep them out of your space once and for all. The UV light attracts the pests to it, meaning you can just set it and forget it.

    the bug zapper

    16. A set of marshmallow skewers that are reusable and extendible. They won't catch on fire like wooden skewers and they even have a comfortable handle that'll take the strain off your wrist.

    person putting marshmallows from the skewer into a smore

    17. A tent for those backyard camping kinda nights or a trip to the campground. It's a four-season tent, meaning a little wind or drizzle won't ruin your outdoor experience.

    the tent on a beach

    18. A set of silicone covers that'll protect your drinks and snacks from pesky bugs. Reviewers say it even keeps their curious pets from sticking their paws in their bevvies.

    person holding a glass with the cover on

    19. A slap-on LED bracelet that'll help you stay visible while you're out and about in the dark. You can also slap it around your drink so you don't accidentally knock it over.

    person on a bike and person running both with the strap on

    20. A mini projector that you can use for cozy movie nights outdoors (just point it at a blank wall or pick up a screen). Since it's wireless and portable, it's great for camping trips or backyard movie marathons, too.

    the projector on a table

    21. And lastly, a summer night-inspired colouring book that features dreamy forests, flowers, and other cozy scenes. Reviewers love how detailed the illustrations are and say that the pages don't bleed at all.

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