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    22 Of The Best Stocking Stuffers From Simons Under $15

    You still have time!

    1. A string of bee lights that'll give their room a bee-utiful glow. These comforting lights have a little more personality than regular string lights and would look adorable hanging over their favourite plants.

    string lights lit on a table

    2. This phone stand that'll set them up for success if they like to FaceTime or TikTok handsfree. It'll also keep their go-to accessories in one place, making it a nice addition to their bedside table or vanity.

    phone in stand with rings in grooves

    3. A reusable popcorn container that's cleaner, cheaper, and more eco-friendly than its paper bag alternative. It can double as a bowl, saving them from creating unnecessary dirty dishes.

    4. A pair of wool dryer balls that'll help their laundry dry faster. They'll also help soften their clothes, so they'll never be stuck with overly-crisp linens or tees.

    two dryer balls

    5. This bamboo soap dish that'll prevent their sudsy bar from sticking to their bathroom counter. It has little grooves that'll strain out excess water, helping their products last longer.

    soap on bamboo dish

    6. This citrus juicer that'll have them serving up a glass of lemonade or a margarita in no time. The sturdy two-piece juicer is made of wheat fibres, so it won't break no matter how hard they press.

    juicer with lemon

    7. A cotton-weave filter, if they're obsessed with making their own plant-based milk. Almond, oat, rice — you name it and this filter can drain it.

    almonds strained in filter

    8. A pack of bottle scrubbies made of sponge and ceramic beads that'll help them clean those hard to reach places in their favourite water bottle, without the use of harsh chemicals. Simply drop them in the bottle, add soap and water, and shake.

    9. A bottle of luxurious room spray that smells like a freshly-baked apple pie. A few spritzes of this stuff will make their apartment smell like a bakery (aka what everyone wants)

    bottle of room spray

    10. An oven mitt that'll protect their paws when they're baking this winter. They can hang the mitt to display the cute little fox friend.

    mitt on table

    11. A lotion bottle with a fancy pump that looks exactly like a mister (hello, plant parents). It'll elevate their decor and replace that less-than-pretty plastic container that's currently on their countertop.

    lotion bottle on table

    12. A Tunisian fouta, which is a type of towel that can double as a scarf or blanket. The cotton weave is ultra light and dries quickly, making it the perfect versatile accessory.

    fouta hanging from hooks and from basket

    13. This cute cat jar that'll hold all of their odds and ends, and make an adorable addition to their office decor. It's made of terracotta and is heavy enough to double as a paperweight.

    cat jar with scissors

    14. This faux pineapple plant that'll liven up their room, even if they're horticulturally hopeless. It looks 100% real, but requires zero maintenance, so they can fake being a successful plant parent

    pineapple plant on table

    15. This natural deodorant that'll keep them smelling fresh with cucumber and aloe vera scents. It's formulated with beeswax and coconut oil, so their pits will stay hydrated and happy (without the help of nasty chemicals).

    deodorant with aloe and cucumber on the side

    16. A birch tea light candle holder that'll add a rustic vibe to any home. If they're into the farmhouse-chic look, this will make the perfect centrepiece.

    birch candle holder with tea light

    17. This pillowcase with a cute ramen doodle for the noodle lover in your life. If they're always dreaming about that eggy snack anyways, you might as well give them this to rest their head on.

    ramen pillow cover on pillow

    18. This dachshund ring holder that'll keep all of their favourite pieces safe. The velvet holder has dividers to separate and display those easy-to-lose pieces of jewellery.

    ring holder with four rings

    19. A sports towel that'll suck up all their sweat after a good work out. If they've been exercising more from home, it'll save their floors or carpet from being dripped on.

    towel on a workout mat with dumbells

    20. This peachy shower cap that'll keep their hair dry when it's just a body shower kind of day. It'll save them time in the morning, so they can get out the door and on with their day.

    cap on a towel

    21. These pebble-like candles that they won't believe are made of wax. These decorative little guys will set the perfect mood for a zen meditation session or a relaxing bath.

    pebble candles

    22. And lastly, this food and wine pairing towel that'll make the perfect cheat sheet when they're hosting a fancy dinner. It has a little tab, so they can hang it up in their kitchen as a piece of art.

    tea towel with a bottle of wine and champagne

    You hooking up all the stockings this year:

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