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    16 Skincare Goodies That Will Keep You Hydrated All Winter Long

    Your cuticles will thank me later.

    1. This Neutrogena facial gel that's packed with hyaluronic acid and will give your skin a healthy dose of hydration. You know that feeling when you drink a glass of water first thing in the morning? This gel is like that, but for your face.

    two bottles of Neutrogena and a photo of Buzzfeed writer Kayla Suazo

    2. This cuticle oil that’ll prevent you from getting those painful cracked cuticles, plus it’ll strengthen your nails in the process. Reviewers say it saves their skin from peeling and leaves their hands smelling amazing, too.

    bottle of cuticle oil surrounded by ingredients

    3. A good ol' budget-friendly tub of Vaseline, because you can’t go wrong with this OG product. When your skin is feeling extra sensitive, sometimes it’s better to go back to basics.

    hands holding tub of vaseline

    4. A four-pack of all-natural eos lip balms made with shea butter and hydrating coconut and jojoba oils. Because you get four of them, you’ll always have a backup in a chapped lip emergency.

    5. This Palmer's body oil that's formulated with cocoa butter, vitamin E, and argan oil, for when regular lotion just isn't cutting it. It’s best applied right after a shower, and it’ll have you smelling and looking like a total snack.

    hand holding Palmer's oil

    6. A bottle of rose water spray that'll give your skin an instant pick-me-up. A few spritzes throughout the day will keep your face quenched between your morning and nighttime skin routine, and reviewers also love using it as a setting spray.

    woman spraying rose water spray

    7. A tube of Bioderma eye gel that is silky smooth and made especially for sensitive skin. It contains caffeine and hyaluronic acid that’ll help with de-puffing, so you’ll look fresh and awake for that 8 a.m. Zoom meeting.

    tube of eye gel with three drops pushed out

    8. This Marcelle cleanser that is great for sensitive skin and won't dry you out. It's ultra gentle, so you can even use it on your poor windburned face in the winter without wincing in pain.

    two bottles of the Marcelle cleansing gel

    9. This non-drying Body Shop toner that contains vitamin E, so you can gently wipe off all your dirt and makeup residue at the end of the day without stripping your skin. It’ll also help your skin drink up any product you put on top of it.

    a bottle of toner next to a wheat decoration

    10. This Burt's Bees essentials kit that'll give you a little bit of everything, if you need a LOT of help staying moisturized this winter. This pack covers all your bases and lets you try the products before committing to a full size. Hooray for skin-care commitment issues!

    11. This vitamin face oil with hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E. Just put it on before bed and it’ll work serious magic while you snooze. Reviewers love how fast it soaks in and how it reduces redness too.

    bottle of facial oil with packaging

    12. This Aveeno hand mask that’ll give you soft and silky hands in just ten minutes. The oats and shea butter will especially help with all of the increased hand-washing you’ve been doing.

    hand mask package next to decorative items

    13. This fizzy bath salt soak with sweet orange and rosemary essential oils. Give your entire body a surge of hydration by soaking in this relaxing and nourishing mixture. Baths after a long winter day just really just hit different.

    bath salt packaging in a bag

    14. This Cake hand repair balm that’s jam-packed with good stuff like aloe vera, coconut oil, and green tea extract. Plus, it literally smells like the inside of a bakery, so you’ll have to stop yourself from eating it.

    hand balm in a pile of lotion

    15. This e.l.f. putty primer that has a satin finish and hydrating ingredients. A layer of this stuff under your foundation will create an instant smooth effect and help to reduce any cakiness during the winter. It’s like an Instagram filter in a jar.

    open primer with product spread

    16. And lastly, this facial steamer that will open up your pores to better absorb your skincare products. You can even add essential oils to feel like you’ve taken a much-needed trip to the spa.

    facial steamer blowing out steam

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