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    25 Products That'll Make Your Everyday Items Infinitely More Beautiful

    It's all in the details.

    1. A pack of gold handles that'll instantly make any drawer or cabinet unit look more expensive. Reviewers say the brushed gold shade looks high-end and love how easy they are to install.

    a bathroom dresser with the knobs installed

    2. A pair of crystal jars that'll store your bathroom essentials while looking super luxe on your countertop. They'll also look pretty in your kitchen, if you need a place to store snacks or sugar.

    the jar next to some q tips

    3. This stoneware plant saucer that'll help your plant drain properly, while replacing that ugly plastic plate you're currently using. It's glazed, so it'll be super easy to clean if it catches some dirt, too.

    4. A trio of ice cube moulds that'll keep your drinks cool for longer (they'll melt slower because of the size). Reviewers love that the included covers make them easy to store in the freezer without spilling out.

    the three trays with examples of the ice they make underneath

    5. A pack of hairpin table legs that'll give any piece of furniture an instant mid-century modern vibe. The shorter ones will lift heavy furniture like your bed, so you can clean underneath them more easily or create some extra storage space.

    6. A pair of oil and vinegar dispensers that'll make you feel like you're eating in a fancy restaurant. They each have dual spouts that'll dispense the liquids in different amounts, so you won't accidentally drown your salad in vinegar.

    7. A wooden tea light candle holder that'll add a rustic vibe to your place. If you're into the farmhouse-chic look, it'll make the perfect centrepiece.

    the candle in the holder

    8. A house-shaped tissue box holder that looks like a piece of minimalistic decor. It'll pop right over any square tissue box, so you won't have to open and close it every time you need to change the box.

    the tissue box next to books

    9. A set of lights that'll transform your regular degular mirror into the vanity you've always wanted. The lights are dimmable, so you won't be blinded if you use it after you just woke up.

    lights around a mirror

    10. A six-pack of amber bottles that'll give all of your toiletries a cohesive look. They're also great if you like to buy your products in bulk, but need something smaller for everyday use.

    the bottles on a table next to a purse and plant

    11. And a set of label sticker sheets, so you'll be able to differentiate all of them. They're water and oil resistant, so you won't have to worry about bringing them into the shower with you.

    bottles with the sheets of labels next to them

    12. A super-absorbent dish drying mat that'll actually look nice in your kitchen. It can hold up to four times its weight in water, so you won't have to worry about your countertop getting soaked.

    the mat with forks dishes and glasses on it

    13. A pair of snack bags that’ll replace those plastic sandwich bags — both in functionality and looks! They have a zipper, so you won't have to worry about them accidentally opening and spilling your crackers all over the place.

    the cactus printed bags with a sandwich and carrot sticks inside them

    14. This sleek watering can with an extra-long spout that'll make it easy for you to get right into the soil, without splashing all over the leaves. It comes with a matching mister, so your fronds will be able to get some love, too.

    the watering can hanging on a hook

    15. And a vial stand that'll replace your makeshift propagation station and display your latest cutting in style.

    plant in vial on stand

    16. A set of airtight glass jars that'll save your spices from going stale before you even get a chance to cook with them. They come with waterproof labels, so you'll never be stuck guessing whether you're using basil or oregano.

    17. A drink dispenser that looks way fancier than a plastic jug. Reviewers also use it to hold and dispense laundry detergent, and say it makes their laundry room look cleaner.

    the jug filled with juice next to three glasses filled with the juice

    18. A picture lamp that'll transform any painting or portrait into an expensive-looking art installation. Reviewers recommend pairing it with a smart plug to easily turn it on and off from your phone or Alexa.

    picture frame with light above it

    19. A table runner that'll add some warmth and complete your dinner table. It'll help prevent scratches and stains, and you can just throw it in the wash when it gets dirty.

    the table runner on a set table with a bowl of croissants and honeycomb and biscuits

    20. A dish soap dispenser that has a little groove to put your sponge, so you won't have to clutter up your sink area. It's made of a heavy ceramic, so it won't topple over into the sink while you're doing dishes.

    the dispenser on a sink with a sponge in it

    21. A roll of LED strip lights that'll level up any room in your house, from your bedroom to your kitchen.

    22. A roll of decorative glass film that'll make your windows look like stained glass. They'll also filter UV rays and give you some privacy from passersby (or nosy neighbours).

    the stickers on a window

    23. A pair of macrame pot holders that'll display your plants and help them get the sunlight they deserve. They're made of a non-rotting rope, so you'll be able to use them outside, too.

    a plant in the holder

    24. A pack of velvet hangers that'll not only make your closet look ~aesthetic~, but will also create more space, since they're so thin. The velvet material provides some grip to keep your clothes from slipping off onto the floor.

    25. And lastly, a sleek compost tin, so even your garbage has a pretty home. It'll also filter out nasty smells with a replacable charcoal filter, so you won't stink up your kitchen.

    people cutting veggies next to the compost tin

    You revelling at how nice everything looks:

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