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    24 Things From Asian-Owned Brands That You'll Love Supporting

    May is Asian Heritage Month!

    1. A 100% natural Three Ships Beauty self-care kit that'll leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It comes with a detoxifying clay mask, piña colada-flavored lip scrub, and lavender toner spray that you'll love adding to your routine.

    a lip exfoliator, toner spray, and clay mask

    2. An upcycled designer necklace that'll make you feel super luxe without costing an arm and a leg. The lock is authentic and the chain is 18-karat gold-filled, so it'll last you a long time, too.

    the necklace on a chain

    3. A four-colour screen print by Toronto-based artist Stephanie Cheng that'll add a subtle pop of colour to your space and look lovely on your wall. Each print is handmade, so yours will have a little personal touch.

    the screen print showing a scene of two women getting ready

    4. A tube of Blume deodorant that’ll keep your underarms smelling fresh, without covering them in chemicals you can’t pronounce. It's made with probiotics, meaning it'll help prevent B.O. the natural way.

    person applying the deodorant

    5. These lucky star pins that'll look super cute on your jacket or bag. You can also use them to tack documents or photos on your corkboard.

    the pins

    6. A Hoi Bo crossbody bag that's made of a soft, stretchy knit that'll look great whether you're travelling with just a few things or packing it full of stuff. It's detailed with genuine leather and each piece is handmade.

    person wearing the bag

    7. A drawstring makeup bag by The Ba.sic that'll open up fully, so you can easily access all of your beauty products without having to dump them out. The outside is a pretty cotton canvas, while the inside is lined with a polyester fabric that’s easier to clean.

    8. A soothing Elucx bath soak that'll help you unwind and relax. It's made with colloidal oatmeal and pink clay to nourish your skin and dried rose petals for ~ambiance~.

    the bottle of bath soak

    9. A roll of washi tape that'll make journaling or note-taking so much better, because corgis are just so stinkin' cute! It's actually really functional too, since you can use it to tape notes or photos.

    four rolls of the washi tape rolled across a journal page

    10. A trio of porcelain vases that'll make any flower the centre of attention. The smooth matte white finish fits perfectly with minimalistic decor, if that's your jam.

    the three vases in a line with the middle one with a flower in it

    11. A bottle of Artifact Skin body oil with shimmering gold particles that'll help you glow like the star that you are. It's made with monoï, kukui, and cherry seed oils that'll keep your skin moisturized, too.

    the bottle of the oil with the lid off

    12. A Tower 28 lip oil and blush duo that'll give you a natural flush without ever feeling heavy or sticky. The lip oil has nourishing ingredients (like apricot kernel oil and raspberry seed oil) to keep your pucker hydrated.

    person holding the lip oil and blush

    13. A roll of vegan floss made with coconut oil that'll turn what was once a boring chore into a tasty self-care treat. It's softer and textured, to get every last bit of food out without making your gums bleed.

    the floss on a box next to coconut pieces

    14. A stretchy bra that's made just for first-time bra wearers. It'll grow as you do and even has removable padding, making it ultra-comfortable.

    person wearing the bra

    15. A pair of porcelain fresco cups that'll make you feel like you're sipping out of a piece of art. The insides are different (one black and one white), so you won't mix your drink up with your roomie's.

    the pair of mugs with one filled with coffee

    16. A bottle of Glow Recipe's avocado serum that'll make your skin glow and calm irritation. Plus, it’s packed with avocado butter, ceramides, and rice milk, so it’ll help improve your skin’s health at the same time.

    the bottle of serum on an avocado slice

    17. A comfy pair of Sijo lounge pants that are made with a eucalyptus fabric that'll feel like a dream on your skin. They're nice and stretchy, meaning you won't feel constricted in them.

    person wearing the pants

    18. A digital painting print of the neon sign-lit streets of Hong Kong at night. The shop specializes in destination paintings, so take a peek at the rest of their prints to find your favourite places or dream vacations.

    the print in a frame on a shelf

    19. This Tatcha cleanser that'll help lather away any dirt or leftover makeup on your skin. It's made with Japanese algae, rice powder, and hyaluronic acid, making it especially great for dry skin.

    person squeezing some of the product in their hand

    20. A set of hand-lettered stickers that you can use in your planner if you like the look of consistent headers (but are too lazy to do it yourself). They're printed on clear sticker paper, meaning they won't have a bulky border when applied on a coloured or patterned background.

    the sheets of stickers

    21. A handmade initial bracelet that you can get with your own initial or the initial of someone special. The shop allows custom measurements, so you can make sure that it fits perfectly and never slips off.

    person wearing the initial bracelet

    22. An Uppdoo handmade leather belt that'll make the perfect final touch on pretty much any outfit. Since it's made with high-quality leather and zinc metal, it'll last you for years.

    three different colours of the belt laid out together

    23. A pack of Yuzu Soap shower steamers that'll help open up your sinuses and indulge you in some aromatherapy. Each tablet can be used up to three times, so you can enjoy some serious self-care time with your favourite scents.

    shower tablets on a table next to a stack of towels

    24. And lastly, this shimmery Patrick Ta lip gloss that'll add a little sparkle to your makeup routine. It's made with oils like vitamin E that'll hydrate your lips and make them look extra plump.

    person's lips with the gloss on

    Thanks for supporting Asian-owned businesses!

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