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    30 Products That Are So Stinkin’ Gorgeous That You Just Have To See Them For Yourself

    😍 - me @ everything on this list.

    1. A velvet drum stool that's easy on the eyes and versatile for your space. You can use it as a footrest, an extra seat (it's lined with foam for comfort), or even a side table.

    the three

    2. A marble shower curtain that'll make your bathroom feel super luxe. It's completely waterproof and soap resistant, so you won't even need to pair it with a shower liner.

    the shower curtain around a tub

    3. The Urban Decay Stoned palette full of gorgeous sparkling eyeshadows that are guaranteed make your eyes pop. It also includes four mattes that'll make blending your crease a breeze.

    a close up of the palette

    4. This futuristic-looking Echo Dot that'll answer all of your random questions. It's basically a pint-sized virtual assistant that'll tell you the weather, play your favourite songs, and remind of about that birthday you nearly forgot about.

    the Echo Dot on a table

    5. A water bottle carrier that'll turn your regular neighbourhood walks into a fashionable affair. It even comes with a matching hand sanitizer pouch, since you can never be too prepared these days.

    6. A mini fridge that'll keep your skin products or drinks cold. It doubles as a warming unit, so you can also use it to heat up your leftovers.

    a mini fridge with a mirror

    7. A modern LED lamp that'll be the centre of attention in any room. You can easily toggle the brightness with the built-in button, meaning you won't have to fiddle around with remotes or wires.

    the lamp

    8. A geometric diffuser that looks like a Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror installation. It’ll help you unwind using the magic of aromatherapy — plus, it’ll add some moisture into your space, if the air in your home feels dry as a desert.

    the lights on the diffuser on

    9. The Samsung frame TV that'll make your space feel like an art museum. Basically, it's a super thin TV with bezels that make it look like a painting. When you turn off your shows, it goes into "art mode," where it'll display art, photos, or match the wall behind it.

    people sitting at a table with the tv in the background

    10. A hexagonal shelf that'll make a perfect vessel for anything from your plant babies to even your keys. It's made of recycled bamboo chopsticks, so you can feel good about this eco-friendly addition to your home.

    the shelf with a plant in it surrounded by the hexagon plates

    11. A sleek insulated water bottle that'll make you feel like you're living in the future. The lid doubles as a cup, so you'll be able to sip your coffee or tea without burning your lips.

    the bottle

    12. A pair of statement earrings that are big, bold, and beautiful. They’re a great statement piece and will help dress up any outfit, even if you’re just rocking a T-shirt and jeans.

    13. A trendy bubble candle that almost looks too pretty to burn (but make sure to use a dish if you do). It's super chic and will fit in with any aesthetic.

    five bubble candles on a textured surface

    14. A decanter set that'll make you feel like you're on the set of Mad Men. It’s a great starter kit if you’re just getting into the world of whiskey, and it won’t hurt your wallet, either.

    the decanter filled with a dark liquor with the other glasses surrounding it

    15. A pack of mirrored butterfly stickers that'll catch the light and make your room sparkle. You can also use them on your fridge, windows, and even as decor for a special occasion.

    the butterfly stickers on a wall

    16. A Carolina Herrera eau de parfum that's shaped like a sleek stiletto. Reviewers love the warm floral scent (with tones of jasmine, tonka bean, and tuberose), and say that it lasts all day.

    the bottle on a stand surrounded by ingredients

    17. A pair of self-watering plant bulbs that'll help you keep your plants alive, if you're a little forgetful (or lazy). They'll slowly feed your plants for up to three weeks, so you can set 'em and forget 'em.

    Two bird-shaped watering bulbs in a plant

    18. This minimalistic clock that'll look clean and elegant on your wall. You can scale it to any size you want to fit the look or space that you're working with.

    the clock on a wall

    19. A copy of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty that'll look simply stunning on your coffee table. The cover is holographic and shifts between a chrome skull and Alexander McQueen's portrait.

    the skull cover on the book

    20. This orb-like vase that'll add a touch of the elements to your space (while still letting you see when it’s time to change the water). Each piece is hand-blown in Canada, so yours will be a unique work of art.

    flowers in the vase

    21. A deck of architectural wonders cards that'll help you play your favourite games and explore the world at the same time. They're standard poker size and printed on premium cardstock, so they'll glide nice and smoothly when you shuffle them.

    the destination cards

    22. A tufted velvet chair that'll complete your dream vanity or home office. Reviewers love how comfy it is and that it's big enough that they can sit cross-legged.

    the chair in a room on a carpet

    23. A chrome and glass bar cart, so you can free up some cupboard space while displaying your fanciest bottles. Because it has wheels (that rotate 360 degrees, BTW), it'll be easy-peasy to move it from room to room.

    the bar cart filled with bottles of alcohol and books

    24. A beautiful jewellery box that'll help you organize all of your prizes possessions. It has pockets and hooks galore, so you'll never lose your favourite earrings again.

    jewelry box with all compartments open showing different types of jewelry

    25. A satin maxi dress that's classy, sassy, and flowy. Keep it on hand for that super special event, or wear it now to take some 🔥🔥🔥 Insta pics.

    26. A round mirror with a marble base that'll look great on any countertop. It'll brighten and open up your space, and fit with your minimalistic aesthetic.

    A round mirror sitting in a marble cube next to a small plant

    27. A pair of crystal jars to store your bathroom essentials while looking super luxe on your countertop. They'll also look pretty in your kitchen, if you need a place to store snacks or sugar.

    the jar next to some q tips

    28. A catch-all tray that'll keep all your random bits and bobs in one place on your coffee table or vanity. The linen lining will be gentle on your delicate items and prevent scrapes and scratches.

    some jewellery and a plant in the tray

    29. A curtain of lights that'll instantly turn any room or outdoor space into a magical and cozy sanctuary. Reviewers love using it as a decorative backdrop for special events and photos.

    30. A eucalyptus bundle that'll make your shower feel and smell extra refreshing by releasing natural essences when paired with steam. It’ll also look pretty displayed in a vase — plus, since it’s pre-dried, it won’t die on you.

    Eucalyptus bundle in the shower

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